Did Voter Records On Servers In Germany Proving Trump Won Really Get Seized?

NOTE: This story is controversial… There are some reporting it is true and other “Fact Checkers” who say it is not true. Given the unreliability of the media these days, we have decided to provide you with what is being said on both sides and you can let your own BS detector decide for you. We are also posting the denial from Scytl below for your review as well.

According to what seems to be now legend, last Wednesday U.S. troops, or law enforcement or intelligence officials – some group associated with the government – raided the offices of Scytl Election Systems in Frankfort, Germany, seizing and taking possession of servers which were allegedly used to tabulate votes on Election Night, November 3.

In Germany. And Scytl is a Spanish company. Yeah, foreign companies were counting the votes.

The way the system supposedly works is that the voting machines themselves – made by Dominion, GEMS, and others – use the same software which dumps into these servers for counting (and if an affidavit brandished by lawyer Sidney Powell on Monday evening on Lou Dobbs’s show is to be believed, changes votes until the desired outcome for whatever group is paying is achieved).

Officially, the story has been reported by no mainstream media outlet and has not been verified by the government. However, Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert, himself a lawyer and former judge, claims the story is true:

The long and short of that video is that on the servers supposedly seized by the American Army are the TRUE results of the election.

By anyone’s estimation, that is known as a win. Calling it a landslide is a matter of subjective opinion, but it is a win with a definite mandate even if a few other states may be in question.

Given the way the counts were going in Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Virginia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Nevada, California, Arizona, and more before counting was stopped for the night in the wee hours of November 3, this scenario seems more than a little likely.

The issue here is that the story is not being confirmed or denied by the government, and has been outright ridiculed by the mainstream media. It simply is not iron-clad as a story goes no matter what the people who want to see Make America Great Again succeed want to believe.

What do you think? Is there any truth to this? Please share your thoughts in the comment section. We are providing some additional videos below.

The following is from the Scytl US Website:


Fact Checking Regarding US Elections: Debunking Fake News
Following several erroneous statements that have been published in digital and social media, Scytl would like to clarify the following:

  • The technologies implemented by Scytl in the US are both hosted and managed within the US, by a local subsidiary, SOE Software, based in Tampa, Florida.
  • We do not tabulate, tally or count votes in US public elections
  • We do not provide voting machines in the US
  • We did not provide online voting to US jurisdictions for the US elections
  • We do not have servers or offices in Frankfurt
  • The US army has not seized anything from Scytl in Barcelona, Frankfurt or anywhere else
  • We are not owned by George Soros and have never been connected to him
  • We are not tied to Smartmatic, SGO, Dominion or Indra
  • We have no ties with Russia either

For the 2020 US General Election, Scytl provided 4 products and services to city, county, and state clients across the United States. Each of these products and services provide information created and approved by each individual client, to voters or temporary election workers.

  1. Election Night Reporting (ENR): ENR is a platform that provides visual representation of votes that have been tabulated by local elections officials. ENR allows elections offices to provide real-time election results to citizens in a multi-lingual, mobile friendly platform. On Election Night, each election office tabulates the vote using their tabulation vendor’s physical machines and uploads those results to Scytl’s ENR. All Scytl ENR servers being used for the US elections are physically located in the United States. Scytl does NOT tabulate, tally or count any votes.
  2. Online Election Worker Training: Scytl works with elections offices to take their already-created training content and puts it into an online learning management system, increasing information retention, consistency, and the ability to track / report on trainee progress. All of the content for this training is provided and fully approved by each individual client.
  3. Online Voter Education: Our Voter Education Platform is a tool used to create a website for election officials to provide important election information before, during, and after an election. This tool allows voters to look-up where they can vote, the available voting methods, any ID or other requirements needed in order to vote, register to vote, view their sample ballot, and more. All content on these websites is provided and approved by each individual client.
  4. Electronic Ballot Delivery (eBD): Is a platform that allows state election offices to securely deliver ballots to UOCAVA and absentee voters. Each state has different laws and regulations regarding who can request their ballot through this system, and how that ballot can be returned. All servers being used for eBD for the US elections are physically located in the United States. What eBD does NOT do:
    1. Allow voters to vote online
    2. Tabulate, tally, or count votes

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