Disturbing Update On Pregnant Mom

Disturbing Update On Pregnant Mom Arrested For Facebook Post

If only the violent mobs protesting and destroying America’s cities would watch these videos with an open and alert mind…

The video’s I am talking about is of a pregnant mother living under socialist rule where it is literally a crime for a person to “pursue a course of conduct which will involve the commission of an offense.” 

To do away with the legalese, that means if you think about doing it, you have committed a crime according to Section 321G of the state’s Crimes Act of 1958… Welcome to Australia… A beautiful island nation that usually brings up images of Crocodile Dundee and beautiful beaches and bikini-clad women, but don’t let the images deceive you… Australia is a full-fledged socialist state with laws that would shut down the Black Lives Matter protest so fast you would be able to recognize the participants for months by the whiplash…

So where is all this going and why am I talking about it?

Well, in the past days a video of a pregnant mother in Australia by the name of Zoe Buhler was arrested in front of her husband and two young children just one hour before she had a scheduled doctor’s appointment for an ultrasound of her unborn child… Her crime? She encouraged people on Facebook to protest against lockdowns in her regional town of Ballarat… To create a “Freedom Day.”

Imagine something like this in America… Imagine if you had to have an attorney review your Facebook post out of fear you might say something that could land you in jail… Imagine posting one of your wild political rants, and I don’t care if you are Democrat or Republican… Imagine posting something like “We can’t allow this to happen! It’s time the silent majority spoke up!” And then the police showed up at your house with a warrant for your arrest… This is how some people around the world live…

The experience frightened this woman in Australia so much that she actually got in front of the media when she was released from custody and apologized for what she had done and spoke of how nice the police treated her and that she’s now too afraid to think about protesting for anything… In other words, you scared me and I am going to be obedient… That was her message to the Australian authorities that will no doubt be played by her attorney in her defense at trial.

I hope as you watch these videos you will consider what is taking place in America today… Think about the fact that we now have members of Congress who are openly socialist and have openly said that they want to dismantle the capitalist system we call America and replace it with socialism… They believe by controlling every aspect of our lives and the money we each earn they can create an America where everyone is equal…

There is no doubt that the policies the Democrats promote and have been instituting in many of America’s large cities create a much broader population of equality and eliminates what they call income disparity… Most of the people end up sleeping on the streets in cardboard boxes and only the exceptionally wealthy can afford to live in the luxurious gated communities where they grow their wealth controlling the people outside their gates who they believe are too stupid to obtain an identification card or interpret the news on their own without some pompous news anchor cutting in and explaining things to them…

And just to make sure the people living in cardboard boxes don’t get out of hand they create laws like Section 321G of the States Crimes Act of 1958…

If you want to see something like this in America, then you go vote for Sleepy Joe in November, but if you want to make sure you can wave your American flag and say or post anything you damn well please without fear of the thought police showing up with a warrant for your arrest then grab as many people as you can and get them to the polls in November to cast their vote for Donald Trump!

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This video is of the arrest.

This next video shows her apologizing.

Disturbing Update On Pregnant Mom

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January 21, 2021 1:12 pm

“She encouraged people on Facebook to protest against lockdowns in her regional town of Ballarat… To create a “Freedom Day.””
So she spread lies on Facebook to justify breaking quarantine and risking spreading a disease? That isnt incitement or convincing people to put themselves at needless risk?



Lying about suicides during the lockdown, saying the UN Declaration of Human Rights said she can go to the beach


And off course