Doctor Suing Medical System For The Good Of His Patients

As long as there has been medicine in the United States, the privilege of the doctor-patient relationship has been sacrosanct. The physician has always had the freedom to treat his or her patients as he or she sees fit based on education and knowledge.

COVID-19, following the dictates of Obamacare, which saw private practice physicians give up to go to work for corporate medical systems, demonstrates that the idea of that paradigm – the doctor makes the medical decisions – no longer really exists. For almost two years, hospital systems everywhere have been dictating to their physician employees what treatment options they are ALLOWED to use, usually with a profit incentive involved.

One physician is fighting back, and suing the medical system for which he works in order to be able to use a protocol he developed to treat COVID patients.

Dr. Paul Marik, a doctor at the center of a Virginia lawsuit against a health care employer that banned the use of certain kinds of medicine to fight COVID-19, told The Daily Wire in an interview Tuesday that his case is fundamentally about the ability of medical physicians to care for their patients as they see fit based on their expertise. In other words, it’s about “letting doctors be doctors.”

Dr. Marik practices at Sentara Norfolk General, in Norfolk, VA. He is is a founding member of the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care (FLCCC) Alliance. He is also the chief of pulmonary and critical care medicine at Eastern Virginia Medical School.

Marik is one of the leading experts on the “MATH+ method” for treating patients with COVID-19. But, Sentara Healthcare recently banned doctors’ ability to prescribe medicines required for use in MATH+…

Marik told The Daily Wire that he felt a memo that Sentara Healthcare sent to its entire healthcare system was personally targeting him by stating that Sentara was only allowing Remdesivir to be prescribed for COVID-19 treatment and that other “alternative” medicines — such as Fluvoxamine — were now banned.

Marik has prescribed Fluvoxamine to his patients. “Numerous studies, peer-reviewed in outlets like The Lancet and JAMA, show that FDA repurposed drugs such as Fluvoxamine are beneficial to patients with COVID,” he told The Daily Wire.

Marik has been using inexpensive, generic drugs to help treat COVID-19 when he sees it as appropriate.

The argument that the administrators of health care systems give for banning cheap generic drugs is that the use is “off label.” However, Dr. Marik contends that once the FDA approves a drug, it should be used where it works.

“The FDA allows doctors to prescribe approved off-label, cheap drugs for patients as they see fit. Prior to COVID, this was common practice. With COVID, all these standards have gone out the window,” Marik told The Daily Wire.

This, of course, begs the question, is COVID really a “pandemic” or is it something far more than the legacy dinosaur media is telling us.

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