Domestic Terrorist Heartbroken When

Domestic Terrorist Heartbroken When He Learns How The Police Found Him!

It does happen from time-to-time… It’s not often and it’s often not expected when close relatives end up turning in the most wanted criminals in the nation. One notorious example was Ted Kaczynski, a/k/a the Unabomber. Kaczynski was responsible for a lot of damage to property as his mail a bomb method of killing people had many executives and college professors terrified they would receive one of his bomb-in-a-box gifts. The extraordinary intellect that had enabled him to outwit the police for years was ultimately what ended his career as a bomber… A lengthy manifesto published in the New York Times and Washington Post enabled his mother and brother to identify him and they promptly notified the authorities.

Now we have an Antifa terrorist with nowhere near the intellect of Ted Kaczynski who unnamed as of this writing, that has been turned in by his grandmother for throwing a bomb at the Mark O. Hatfield federal courthouse in Portland.

Hey, if the police will not accept help from President Trump and the federal government, a righteous grandmother will do.

Not just a righteous grandmother, but one who shops for distinctive gifts for the grandkids and takes pride in seeing them enjoying the gifts she gives to them… I’m sure the grandparents reading this can imagine what that moment must have been like when grandma identified her sweet little grandchild running around like a bandit tossing things that go BOOM into a federal courthouse… If I had done such a thing as a kid grandma would have put her arms around me but grandpa would have laid his belt across my backside… Getting picked up by the police before him would have been a blessing… LOL

Non-descript and not so easy to identify clothing is a lesson the homegrown terrorists have yet to learn. Hopefully, this homegrown terrorist will get 10 to 20 years to commit that to memory…

Would You Turn A Close Family Member Over To The Police If They Broke The Law?

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