Don’t Fight The Police!

Don’t fight the police! I have written about this several times over the years and after watching the press conference in Atlanta held by the family and lawyers for Rayshard Brooks who was shot and killed after fighting with the police, I was livid they failed to use their platform to caution against fighting with the police, so I thought I would use what voice I have and just maybe it will save someone’s life one day.

My message, that EVERYONE needs to hear… Is… Don’t fight the cops! I am by no means a sheepie that believes we should tolerate a lot of the things that are taking place today with our government and law enforcement agencies, but it is important if any real change is going to take place, that we fight back properly. There is a time and place for everything and the time and place is NOT when a police officer tells you you’re under arrest and tries to handcuff you!

I know there are going to be a few of you real bad asses reading this who are going to tell me all kinds of macho BS about how you’re not going to let any cop arrest you, etc., (Insert badass macho statements) etc., etc.,… When it’s all said and done though… After all the fighting and screaming is over… You will either be in handcuffs, or in a body bag!

NO ONE will ever win a fight with the cops on the street, nor should they for that matter… I’m not about to argue with anyone that all arrest are justified and righteous… I’m also not about to argue that all cops conduct themselves in a professional manner when effecting an arrest. They are not and do not!

In the grand scheme of things though, for the sake of good order and community safety, we do not want to neuter our law enforcement to the point they cannot or will not effect an arrest. Their job is dangerous and as taxpayers and their employer, we have no right to hire them and expect them to abandon all means of security for themselves; they want to return safely home to their family at the end of their shift.

When a Police Officer stops you, or tells you that he is going to place you under arrest, don’t start insisting they explain why, don’t start trying to argue your case right then and there insisting you are innocent, and don’t start threatening to sue them. Remain silent and follow any instructions they give you, keep your hands visible and out of your pockets, and don’t make any sudden furtive movements.

I can’t say that in 100 percent of the cases not fighting the cops will keep you from getting hurt. I have seen incidents where a cop allows someone to get under their skin while in handcuffs, and they have wrongly struck the person. However, I would say in at least 99 percent of the cases, if you don’t fight the police, you won’t get hurt… Keep your mouth shut and don’t fight with the police! I’m willing to bet, provided you don’t get struck by lightning or get involved in an accident on your way to the police station, your chances are in the 99.9 percent range that you will get processed, bailed out, then be on your way home with not so much as a scratch.

Now, if the arrest was not justified I am in no way suggesting you just roll over and let them get away with it. We have a judicial system in this country and while it is not perfect, it does work pretty well if you use it properly. You also have the right to protest. It is a LOT easier to promote your cause and rally the support of the citizens in your community when you are not locked up behind bars or laid up in a hospital.

Additionally, police departments have a process for citizens to file a complaint against an officer and if you have video that actually shows the cop who arrested you was acting inappropriately, there are plenty of bloodthirsty lawyers out there who I’m sure will take your case. If you were charged criminally, you will also have the opportunity to stand before a judge and present your case to them.

Most people I talk to seem to view a judge as an adversary, but truthfully a judge is your best friend, regardless of guilt or innocence. A prosecutor is out to convict you of a crime, definitely not your friend. The defense attorney is there to defend you. You might think he is your friend, but really he just has an obligation to provide you with the best defense possible. He is not your enemy, but he is not really a friend either.

The judge however, that person sitting there in the black robe, their job is to insure your rights are protected and that you are treated fairly. He is there to make sure the defense attorney provides you with the best defense possible and to insure that the prosecutor does not abuse his authority and violate your rights. In the end if you are guilty the judge will sentence you and make sure that you receive the appropriate punishment for your crime, but if you are innocent and the government has abused their authority the judge will make sure they are punished.

If you have never spent any time in a courtroom, I would suggest you take a day sometime and watch how the system works. I don’t know why it’s not required for all high school students to spend a day in court before they graduate… It should be a required part of a government class. Everyone should be familiar with the judicial system. As with ALL aspects of government in America, it is OUR judicial system! We are the Board of Directors responsible for overseeing our government and responsible for vetting and electing those we entrust to carry out the function of government. I think you will be surprised to see how diligent most judges are when it comes to holding the government accountable. Many cops have been lectured by a judge for screwing up. It happens all the time!

Our government is not something we should fear! The Constitution is clear on the direction the power flows. It is not the government that tells us what we can do; we are the ones that tell our government what they can do! If you think that is not happening, then it is incumbent upon you and others in your community to change that! And make no mistake about it; it does get turned around at times so we have to remain vigilant and involved at all levels of government, if we expect it to work properly.

Save yourself an ass beating… Live long and prosper… Don’t Fight the Cops!

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[…] officer tried to place a handcuff on him. The moment the police officer tried to handcuff him a fight broke out, he stole the officer’s stun gun after trying to steal his real gun, then took off […]

June 20, 2021 7:05 pm

Thanks for this page, wish a movement knew about this instead of pulling a victim and racist card on everyone.