Dr. Fauci Brings More Doom

Dr. Fauci Brings More Doom And Gloom To Recent Interview

It’s amazing how polyp removal surgery didn’t silence little Dr. Tony Fauci for all that long. When he went under the knife for that procedure, voice rest was surely part of the protocol of recovery.

Apparently, that’s over.

Fauci, who keeps the “COVID-19 is a scary virus” narrative on track, appeared on CNN this week to tell the world that the promised vaccine would not be ready in time for everyone to be immune to a disease with a 99.9% survival rate before the election.

“It is conceivable that you can have it by October, though I don’t think that that’s likely.”

There are multiple vaccines with multiple different Big Pharma manufacturers under development at the time of this writing. How and effective one will get to market within the year when usually there’s a years-long process to get one approved is anyone’s guess.

And with all the evidence from scores of studies that say a protocol of hydroxychloroquine with zinc actually cures the patient of the illness, the question of why a vaccine is needed in the first place can be legitimately asked.

In fact, there are other experts who are not exactly sure Fauci and company motives are wholesome.

‘This gives me concern,’ Dean of the School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine and vaccine delivery expert Dr. Peter Hotez told DailyMail.com.

“All of this together gives me the impression that this potentially more of a stunt than an expression of concern for public health, especially coming in the weeks before the election.”

Despite the claims that millions of Americans are counting on that vaccine to be available before life returns to normal. the reality is that many more millions are more than a little leery of taking any vaccine for this disease, especially one that has been rushed to market and looks very much to be a political stunt.

How little Tony Fauci plans to overcome that sentiment will be interesting to behold.

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Dr. Fauci Brings More Doom

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