ASTOUNDING Story With Video

Police Now ARRESTING People For Not Wearing A Face Mask

If this story isn’t proof that government has put the United States Constitution on hold then I don’t know what it will take to convince the American people.

One of the many pathetic aspects of this story is that not only has the government set our Constitutional rights aside, but it has turned many of our fellow citizens into communist jackasses. Remember that part about inalienable rights… Yeah, the ones we supposedly get from God… Well, the people’s government thinks differently.

This past Saturday several people who went to Mother’s Market in Costa Mesa looking to do some shopping suddenly found themselves locked inside the store…

Apparently the Orange County grocery store is managed by a face mask Nazi who saw several people not wearing a mask while shopping so he locked them inside the store and called the police just like the communist Governor has told the people to do…

Well, maybe he went a little too far… I think the Governor asked them to send pictures of violators… No worries though, just a minor detail that the dozen or so police officers in the communist state didn’t seem troubled by in the least…

As you will see in the video posted on YouTube the police were more than happy to fit the offenders with steel bracelets and haul them off to the gulag… I mean local jail.

The little rat prick managing the Mother’s grocery store should have been the one hauled away in handcuffs and charged with false arrest of the store’s patrons but in Commiefornia he will probably receive an award from the Governor and become his poster child of what a good citizen is in the pandemic era…

Check out the video and judge for yourself… Is this America or not?

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The Manager Who Called The Police Is?

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