Expensive California Boarding School Covered Up Sexual Crimes

Expensive California Boarding School Covered Up Sexual Crimes

In the midst of so many wretched sex-related headlines, a new one coming from a boarding school with a sixty-eight thousand dollar price tag could just be overlooked. After all, the people who attend such a place fashion themselves as being “elite” and do tend to end up being high-profile people.

Recent information released to the public indicates that the “elite” are heavily involved in some really kinky sex games and human trafficking for that purpose.

In the case of the Thatcher School in Ojai, California, the curious part is the way the information is being released, and the shock from alumni that seems to be the curious part of that.

Recently, there was a report of a choking incident when two students were engaged in sexual congress. Apparently, the head of the school did not follow state law and report the incident to law enforcement. That led to the school being highlighted by a media report, and suddenly the school not known outside of “elite” circles all that much is in the headlines.

In June, LA law firm Munger, Tolles & Olson released an independent 91-page report revealing decades of sexual misconduct involving faculty and students. The findings divided alumni, some of whom questioned the independence of the report and felt a former head of school was scapegoated while the current administration was not held to the same scrutiny. In light of the criticism, a second report was commissioned in July and repeatedly delayed. It never arrived.

Instead, a blockbuster story from news site Law & Crime landed late last month. It outlines claims that the current administration covered up an alleged May 2021 assault in which one student, a relative of school founder Sherman Day Thacher, was reportedly accused of choking another student while having sex. It’s unclear when higher-ups learned of the alleged incident, but the student reportedly went home before the end of the school year. And according to unnamed sources in the explosive piece, the administration allegedly approached the student in August, telling him to leave the school and, in exchange, it would not report the incident to investigators at MTO, nor would his college recommendations from Thacher be affected.

There are indications that this is not the first incident covered up.

It does make one wonder, then, what right “elites” have to consider themselves in that manner when they are willfully committing and covering up felonies.

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