Explosive Video Shows Man Slapping Woman… Woman Shoots Man!

In a world where law-abiding citizens are applying for and receiving concealed carry permits in record numbers and where nonlaw abiding citizens just don’t give a damn… Smacking anyone is probably ill-advised… LOL

The father in this video clearly had the best of intentions even though his method was just plain wrong gun or no gun… The young lady wearing a mask returning to her car after pumping gas asked the man’s daughter who was a passenger in the car adjacent to her’s if she wanted to buy some weed and this apparently did not sit well with him and I’m sure any father can understand why.

Given that it was just a question asked in passing and the young lady didn’t approach the man’s daughter or try to get pushy with her sales tactics it probably would have been best if he had just ignored her and gone about his business as she did when rejected…

This particular father was not satisfied with just telling the woman from a distance to leave his daughter alone or ignoring her though… No, he had to walk up on her car and stand in the way of her door being closed to chastise her for offering drugs to his daughter… OK, I can understand that for whatever reason he got a little hot under the collar and wanted to make sure the young lady got a clear message not to offer his daughter drugs again… Understandable even if it could be considered ill-advised approaching her as he did…

Where this father loses me in his anger and concern for his daughter was when he reached into the car as he stood in the way of her closing her door and clearly smacks the taste out of the young lady’s mouth… Again, understandable but not appropriate under the circumstances at all.

After the young lady gets slapped real good by the angry father she begins to pull away but something falls on the ground so she stops after just a few feet. The man grabs what appears to be two items off the ground and then opened the young lady’s car door again… Whatever taste it was the angry father slapped out of her mouth the first time was, it was something she clearly was not going to allow to happen a second time and when the angry father opened the door and reached in this time he ran into some fast-moving lead that knocked him to the pavement where he is seen squirming as the young lady speeds away.

I have always said there is a lot to be said for the wild west days when everyone had a revolver strapped to their side… People took a little extra time to think before they engaged their mouths and were definitely more hesitant to start a fight when they had to wonder if the other person was just a little faster than they were… These days most people have quit carrying the handgun on their side, but there are a lot of people with the derringer hidden in their sleeve and you have no way of knowing who they are… LOL

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