Facebook Censors At War

Facebook Censors At War With Anti-Vaccine Advertising

The powers that be at Facebook have decided that the world must think a certain way about vaccines and they are taking steps to prevent alternative viewpoints and messaging from appearing on the platform.

It is now company policy at the social media giant which is acting more and more like a publisher than a public utility that anti-vaccination rhetoric is simply not going to be allowed regardless of whether or not a person or entity is paying to have the information made public on that site.

From Forbes:

Facebook will reject any ad that “explicitly discourages” someone from getting a vaccine and the ban will go into effect in the next few days, Facebook’s Head of Health Kang-Xing Jin and Director of Project Management Rob Leathern wrote in a blog post.

They said the goal is to amplify messages about the safety and efficacy of vaccines and prohibit ads that have the potential to harm public health efforts.

Ads advocating for or against legislation or government policies about vaccines, including a Covid-19 vaccine, will be allowed.

So essentially, anyone questioning whether or not vaccines are necessary or pointing out that in populations where vaccination is not done or is minimal that there is little to no autism, and that the people tend to be healthier despite the occasional disease outbreak will be labeled as an anti-vaxxer and their words declared “misinformation.”

It would be assumed, then, that also off-limits is pointing out that it is illegal per a 1986 law for Americans to sue vaccine manufacturers for injuries due to them in a regular court, and instead, plaintiffs must use the vaccine court where outcomes are reportedly never found in favor of the injured.

And then there is the matter of objecting to what may be in the vaccines themselves, i.e., fetal tissue.

It seems that a blanket of silence will be thrown on the little details on Facebook if questioning vaccines and the need for them is in order.

So much for free speech.

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