Facebook Targets Popular New Movement Deleting Hundreds Of Accounts

Censorship is alive and well ladies and gentlemen and is one of the greatest threats we Face in America today in the midst of this cancel culture…

The target this time were accounts that had anything to do with the “Boogaloo.” For those of you not familiar with the “Boogaloo” group, don’t feel stupid because it’s not really a “group,” the boogaloo is more of an idea, or reference to an event… If we start creating “groups,” excuse me. radical right wing, or radical left wing groups for every reference to an event we are going to have an awful lot of radical groups materialize out of thin air…

Let’s see if we can come up with a few more for the commie censors out there:

  • The Second Coming – A radical northwing (look up people) religious group waiting for Jesus to appear.
  • The Rapture – Another radical northwing group planning for people to just vanish one day.
  • The 72-Virgins – A radical, (likely sexually frustrated) group expecting to meet 72-virgins when they die… And they are excited about this idea, a sure sign they are not only sexually frustrated but have never had to live with one woman… These people are downright crazy!
  • The Typhoon and Hurricane Gang – Another loosely organized¬† radical group of people, usually meteorologist, waiting on heavy rain with strong winds in excess of 100 miles per hour… Which name they operate under depends on geography and they are hard to follow and lie a lot.

Anyone starting to get the idea here? The Boogaloo is a term used by millennials to describe the next big armed conflict on American soil… Maybe civil war… Maybe to repel an invasion by a foreign country… The reason why they are said to be loosely organized or unorganized with no leadership structure, is because “Boogaloo” is just a word used to describe an event… Nothing more, nothing less. The Name comes from an 80’s breakdancing movie called “Breakin’ which was followed up with “Breakin’ 2 The Electric Booogaloo.” See the play on words there?

Anyway, because the liberals who are terrified of Americans with guns have wild imaginations, when they started hearing them talk about “The Boogaloo” in reference to “violence” they got nervous and immediately assumed they must be planning something… Well, truth be told, I guess they are… They are preparing for any break down of civil law and order in America… Like people prepare for Typhoons and Hurricanes, or the Rapture, Second Coming, or Lord have mercy meeting 72-virgins…

The Boogaloo becomes a radical right-wing group of terrorist when people, white or black, are born into privilege, watch too many violent movies while in the comfort of their beautiful home sipping tea; who then go off to college and get what they believe is a fine education from some liberal who has spent their entire life in books having never gained any real world experience now called a professor scaring them with stories about Americans owning weapons of war that have clips with hundreds of bullets attached to fully automatic guns that shoot 15,000 projectiles a minute… And then… After all that education… They get an acronym and start looking at anything with more than three letters as a threat… And that my friends is how the Boogaloo became a threat.

Those who have dared to make reference to the Boogaloo have really scared one of the most privileged white boys in America who grew up in the lap of luxury, got that fine education, missed out on his chance to join the three letter gang but now has control over what could arguably be said to be most of the free speech in the world… And since he has control over speech and has been told he should fear the Boogaloo he has deleted over 220 Facebook accounts, 95 on Instagram and other Facebook controlled platforms, and countless post and groups with any mention of the “Boogaloo.”

Of course they do all this under the pretext that talking about the Boogaloo is “Hate Speech.” Of course we all understand and applaud him because we know from our education that “hate speech” is bad… It’s something no one likes… It is also something no one can define which gives those who control your speech plenty of latitude to silence you!

Oh, did I mention hate speech only comes from Conservative Republicans? Yeah, sorry to break the news to you but you can still hop on any social media platform you like and find messages from groups like Black Lives matter encouraging their followers to destroy churches portraying that evil white European some call Jesus, or articles and videos of them burning down cities all around the country while the liberal media repeats over-and-over that they are peaceful protest, and while you can’t find or see President Trump’s social media post because he is constantly being banned or blocked for encouraging hate, you can pretty much start reading anywhere and find people calling him and his family about every bad thing you can think of while wishing things on them I’m not about to repeat because doing so would surely land me in hot water…

So there it is folks… Don’t you be afraid of those Boogaloo bois anymore… Mark Zuckerberg has swooped in to protect you, so sleep well tonight and make sure to log on first thing in the morning, because without Mark… You would have to decide what is good and bad all on your own…

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Brenda Ross
Brenda Ross
July 1, 2020 2:25 am

Facebook deleted my account, for nothing, just because I was a Trump supporter and did not like Obama or mikey.