Fallen Marine Family Sues Alec Baldwin For Millions

Fallen Marine Family Sues Alec Baldwin For Millions

Alec Baldwin just can’t seem to stay out of trouble these days. Not only is he being sued by co-workers in relation to a shooting incident on the set of “Rust,” now Baldwin is being charged with federal crimes stemming from tweets following the fall of the airport in Kabul.

The widow and sisters of Marine Rylee McCollum are suing actor Alec Baldwin for $25 million for the consequences of his actions on Instagram earlier this month. The McCollums accuse Baldwin of using the power of his fame and influence to harm them because of their conservative political views…

The lawsuit alleges Baldwin deliberately drove his liberal followers to attack the Gold Star Family because they are, in his words, “insurrectionists.”

“Baldwin knew exactly what he was doing when he made it public, and he did it anyway,” Gigi said in an interview. “He holds himself on a very high pedestal and believes he can get away with anything. I just want him to know he can’t get away with tearing people down.”

Insurrectionists does seem to be some sort of buzzword on the left for those who hold traditional American values. The word is in the air anytime there is a confrontation of federal law enforcement workers and military, and just about anyone else.

Gigi and her baby daughter, Levi Rylee Rose McCollum, are moving from Camp Pendelton to Wyoming to be close to Rylee’s sisters, Cheyenne and Roice.

“No matter how tragic a thing we went through, we now have a way to influence people. And we can do that for good, instead of what Alec Baldwin does,” Gigi said. “He’s just a terrible person.”

And so, she is suing this terrible person for making her life miserable.

“Baldwin is very conscious of what his celebrity will do, and he used all of his influence to attack a grieving family,” Attorney Dennis Postiglione told me. “What he did to satisfy his ego created a nightmare for them.”

A jury trial in the state of Wyoming has been requested.

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January 19, 2022 12:49 pm

Baldwin is a garbage human being, and his political views are the awful stench from that garbage…his “celebrity power” isn’t worth snot on a sidewalk. Hope he’s sued till his only recognition, is as a “penniless paulper”