Fauci Finds Something Else

Fauci Finds Something Else To Cry About

If there was ever a time when a man just does not want to lie in the bed he made for himself, it’s Little Tony Fauci.

Rather than man up, and admit that his guidelines of masking the public all the time as if we were all criminals and needing to be subdued like prisoners and forcing us away from human interaction and towards the use of electronic communications dehumanizes the people, one Anthony Fauci, MD, a man who plays rather than practices medicine, went on 60 Minutes over the weekend to complain that the American people saw through his dystopian messaging and are not happy about it. It seems that he and his family have been getting death threats.

“That’s sad,” he told 60 Minutes in a Sunday report. “The fact that a public health message to save lives triggers such venom and animosity to me that it results in real and credible threats to my life and my safety.” He said his wife and his children have faced harassment.

Oh, really? The shutdown(s) as prescribed by Fauci and his partner in messaging, Dr. Deborah Birx, the scarfed one, have done an amazing amount of damage to small businesses, many of which have closed permanently, school children who are not developing socially for having been locked up with just family for months, not to mention a marked increase in divorce, family abuse, and suicide, and We the People are supposed to be grateful?

Death threats are nothing compared to the actual crimes against humanity many Americans believe the medical duo has committed.

The reality is that the “preventative” measures recommended by Fauci and Birx did nothing to prevent any sort of spread according to the people who actually contracted COVID-19. According to 85% of the victims, they did follow social distancing and mask-wearing guidelines.

So what exactly is the point of taking these measures and wrecking the economy and Americans’ lives if they don’t actually work?

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