Fauci Sucks Up To Biden And Is Rewarded With New Job

Despite all the hearings, witness testimony, video, and more that indicates any Joe Biden presidency would be illegitimate – since it would have been stolen, and the proof is mounting – one by one, Biden and his team are naming those he would keep on or put in office in a new administration.

One such person, much to his own delight, and not many others considering that his pronouncements in the spring have essentially cost almost a third of small businesses nationwide to close, is, Anthony Fauci medical doctor, and director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID). In that role, he is also somewhat of a vaccine czar as well.

Biden, apparently, asked him to stay on in that role as well and be the chief medical advisor. Of course, the little doctor said yes.

During an appearance on NBC News’ “TODAY” on Friday, Fauci was asked about his conversation with Biden, and whether he accepted the president-elect’s offer.

“Oh, absolutely,” Fauci said. “I said ‘yes’ right on the spot, yeah.”

Biden’s incoming chief of staff, Ronald Klain, reacted to Fauci’s acceptance not long after the interview, saying:

“There are few public servants in our history who have served as long and as well and with as much distinction at Dr. Tony Fauci.”

“It will be a great honor to work with him again,” Klain tweeted.

Never mind that the man declared school children should switch to remote learning where they not only were not learning anything academic but not learning anything in the social realm, either. Many have become isolated and depressed. And the worst of that aspect of the shutdowns is that because children do not really get all that sick with this virus, schools are not super spreaders. Therefore, they really did not need to be closed.
And the man who made this recommendation along with all the masking and social distancing mumbo jumbo which is also turning out to be useless in stopping any sort of spread, readily said yes to being part of a Biden Administration medical team.
God help us.

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December 5, 2020 10:24 am

LOL…DR. Fuckme is a proven failure, so he’ll fit right in with the idiot slow joe, and the slut.

December 9, 2020 5:41 pm

Too funny.. love that image of Joe whispering sweet nothings in Tony the fascists ear. What is his new position called “” chief medical GOD”