FBI Agents Tarnish Their Reputation

FBI Agents Tarnish Their Reputation Abroad Then Lie

The cover-up is almost always worse than the original infraction. It does not matter what the transgression is, or who commits it, that is an axiom criminal and the serially dishonest must live by.

When agents with the Federal Bureau of Investigation are the ones committing the crimes, and then lying to cover it up, that just makes it worse.

So, when agents who had been overseas when they had conjugal relations with actual prostitutes, and were complicit in delivering drugs to overseas people, and then lied about it to investigators, they got themselves into more hot water.

Four FBI officials had sex with prostitutes while posted overseas, while a fifth also tried to — and all but one “lacked candor” about it during interviews and lie-detector tests, the Department of Justice said.

An official probe was launched after the FBI raised the alarm that “multiple then FBI officials solicited, engaged in, and/or procured commercial sex,” a DOJ report said Tuesday.

Two of the officials were also accused of being involved in delivering “a package containing approximately 100 white pills” to a “foreign law enforcement officer,” the report said, without elaboration.

The report did not identify the five officials but said two had resigned, two had retired and one was removed during the probe.

A sixth agent accused of breaking policy by failing to report colleagues’ misconduct still works for the bureau, which vowed to “take all appropriate disciplinary actions” against the employee.

The report also did not detail when or where the dalliances occurred. However, the FBI said it involved “employees previously working overseas in various FBI Legal Attaché Offices” and was referred to the DOJ in 2018.

Tuesday’s report said the DOJ’s Office of the Inspector General (OIG) had “substantiated” allegations “that four FBI officials solicited, procured, and accepted commercial sex overseas,” while a fifth “solicited” sex.

These are the people taking oaths to protect and serve Americans?

And the wheels of justice working slowly is a given, but the report comes out three years after the investigation started?

The higher brass left at the FBI claim steps are being taken to be sure this never happens again.

Only time will tell.

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