FBI Spreading Imaginary Fear In Congress

FBI Spreading Imaginary Fear In Congress

In the three and a half years since a mysterious anonymous 4chan member signing posts with the letter Q appeared, the people who follow the entity have taken a beating in the mainstream media. The people have been accused of being bots, and blindly following the poster even to the point of violence.

Frankly, given the millions who follow(ed) Q for the three years the posts appeared, if violence hasn’t happened by now, it is not going to. Q is/was all about learning to think for oneself, and not blindly following the mainstream media talking heads. The messages never once called for violence. And since Q’s last post was on December 8, claiming that any call for such action by Q to the anons really seems like a desperate smear.

That doesn’t mean the mainstream media is going to admit that, especially when the FBI says to watch out for the message.

The United States FBI warned members of Congress that QAnon followers could engage in real-life violence again, after their prominent role in the deadly Capitol riot in January.

FBI experts distributed a bulletin to Congress earlier this month, which said QAnon conspiracists have expressed frustrations about their predictions not coming true.

Those included Hillary Clinton’s arrest and former President Donald Trump’s restoration to power.

Some believers have posted they can “no longer trust the plan.”

The bulletin warned some QAnon followers online may feel obligated to engage in real-world violence against Democrats and others they feel are “political opposition.”

At the same time, the FBI has said the number of those supporters has dwindled because predictions have failed to happen and QAnon content has been largely removed from social media platforms.

The content itself was forcibly removed, actually, and there are alternative messaging vehicles that are giving the followers hope. The fact that we haven’t seen most of what is really going on in the mainstream media is another matter.

As for the invasion of the Capitol Building, that incident has largely been proven to have been carried out by crisis actors dressed as Q followers, not the real thing at all.

This is really pathetic on the part of the FBI and the mainstream media, actually, to smear millions of people who have broken out of the programming molds that imprisoned the nation for entirely too long.

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