FDA And Post Office Team Up

FDA And Post Office Team Up To Stop Americans From Receiving Ivermectin

In the last few months, as it has been revealed that the anti-parasitic drug Ivermectin – approved for use in humans for decades, even winning the discoverers a Nobel Prize – is effective in fighting COVID among other bugs, Americans have been trying to get their hands on some.

Since Ivermectin is technically used as a deworming medication, most feed supply stores have it at veterinary strength. In the United States, it is available via prescription, but finding doctors who will prescribe it, and pharmacies that will fill the prescription can be a challenge. Many pharmacists are refusing to do so.

That being the case, resourceful Americans looked to overseas sources of the drug, namely India Mart, an online retailer that lost its PayPal privileges recently.

Well, it seems that government agencies just can’t have Americans doing their own research, thinking for themselves, and deciding to take control of their own healthcare without permission. That being the case, the Food and Drug Administration has enlisted the help of the post office to confiscate shipments from overseas pharmaceutical retailers to regular, everyday Americans.

When that started happening, the FDA sent out form letters to the people who legitimately purchased drugs from overseas retailers. Photos of the letters started appearing on social media in the last week.

Of course, this is for Americans’ own good, or so the people responsible for foisting a series of faulty “vaccines” on the nation, and the world, really, after the application of which suddenly young, world-class athletes are having heart issues and dying, and there is a sharp increase in the numbers of strokes, blood clots, and other adverse events, but the people are not supposed to see or comment on that.

Whatever is going on with all the government denial, it is not good for humanity. And denying Americans their right to self-determination is downright a violation of our human rights.

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