Felon Involved With Anti-Gun Program Arrested For Second Degree Murder

The wheels of justice tend to turn slowly, and such is the case in the 2017 murder of a Washington, D.C., man. Recently, a break in the case yielded an arrest, that of Coty Wynn, a career criminal who was out on the streets after early release at the time of the murder.

When the investigation was initiated, Wynn was interviewed and claimed he knew nothing of the incident.

In the meantime, Wynn was hired by the local attorney general to help with an anti-crime program that focuses on stopping gun-related crimes before they start, and by all accounts, he was doing well in that position.

That did not stop the Washington police from arresting him for the 2017 murder, though.

[DC Attorney General Karl] Racine’s office confirmed Wynn’s arrest on Saturday, but was quick to note that the homicide occurred prior to Wynn being recruited for the program, WUSA reported.

“The Office of the Attorney General is aware of Mr. Wynn’s arrest for a homicide he is alleged to have committed in 2017, prior to his employment with Cure the Streets,” a spokesperson from Racine’s office said. “This case will now proceed through our criminal justice system where Mr. Wynn is presumed innocent. We are confident that justice will be served once this process is complete.”

Despite the lengthy rap sheet, the public defender sought to at least keep Wynn out of jail.

During a remote court hearing over the weekend, Wynn’s public defender, Pierce Suen, argued that his client no longer poses a threat, The Washington Post reported.

“He’s a respected member of his community,” Suen said. “Because of the role that he plays in this neighborhood, I think the court can readily find that he is in fact not a danger. Quite the opposite. He actively works to prevent dangerous situations here in the District.”

He further noted that Wynn has developed “a deep network of connections” due to his work with the program, to include establishing relationships with “the mayor, AG Karl Racine and contacts with the city council,” The Washington Post reported.

The judge didn’t buy the argument and Wynn is being held at least until his next hearing.

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