Florida School Bans Certain Topics From Being Taught

Florida School Bans Certain Topics From Being Taught

It is just one school, and it is a private entity – not a school that is government-sponsored or associated with any religious group – but the Centner Academy, a private school in Miami, Florida, is not shy about why the administration is not on board with critical race theory, and therefore will not be adding it to the curriculum.

“As a school, we do not subscribe to or promote Critical Race Theory, Gender Fluidity, or the mainstream narrative surrounding Covid, all hot topics that many schools are now choosing to teach as factual rather than as the theories they are,” reads a section of the website for the Centner Academy, a private school in Miami, Florida…

called critical race theory “controlled messaging from the media,” which it said comes at the same time as “unprecedented censorship in the United States.”

“The repeated messaging from the media shapes cultural norms and the way we view social and cultural issues,” the website reads. “Rather than jump on board with the mass media’s storyline, we challenge our students to question, research, analyze and consider issues from multiple perspectives before coming to their own conclusions.”

Or, the school could just teach objective truth when it comes to gender. There are only two, and only one is assigned at conception.

But, that is not the only topic on which this particular school parts ways with the mainstream media narrative.

Centner Academy, which costs over $30,000 per year to attend, also vows to take a less-than-mainstream approach on vaccinations, saying they “value freedom of choice and honor freedom of religion.”

“At CA we believe in health freedom,” one section of the website reads. “There is no one size fits all to vaccines. This is why we follow the Florida law and allow our parents to complete a medical or religious exemption form to opt-out of the school vaccination program.”

Imagine that, a school in America that not only teaches freedom but demonstrates to students and parents alike what exercising freedom looks like.

No wonder the school is considered “controversial.”

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