Follow The Money…. Here Is The List of Sponsors For The NYC ‘Pride Parade’

Members of the hardcore homosexual community committed to a pure protest in New York City are not happy with the city’s sanctioned PRIDE parade. According to the adherents marching in memory of the 1969 Stonewall walkout, the original pride parade, which was apparently more of a riot, are dismayed that the other group, the sellouts according to them, took sponsorship money from the likes of Mastercard, T-Mobile and more.

And so, the purists as it were now have started up their own parade, the Queer Liberation March in downtown Manhattan. The idea was to turn back to the roots of the movement – no police barricades, no strings attached, homemade floats, etc.

“It’s a march, not a parade, to commemorate the Stonewall riots,” Maddy Felecite told the Thomson Reuters Foundation at the start of the alternative march.

“I prefer to walk in a pride march rather than a parade, as it’s more linked to the grassroots movement.”

One can respect the sentiment without respecting the movement, that is for sure. Corporate sponsorship has a tendency to corrupt just about any grassroots progression on any topic.

But, that is a forty thousand foot observation. What seems to be happening in the homosexual and sexual deviancy community is the need for unfettered attention which is clouded when companies with serious name recognition start using events for advertising. Marches and parades are all about being seen, not about drawing counter protests for the people who disagree with the movement. For some causes, it is the sheer size of the crowd that gets attention. In the case of the queers, it’s about the validation of an unnatural lifestyle. There is safety in numbers, after all.

And so the purists seem to think they need to separate themselves from those who have “sold out” and allowed themselves to be corrupted by money.


A list of the New York City Pride Parade Sponsors can be found here.