Watch How Reagan Handled So Called Protesters

We often hear that old adage that those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it and most just laugh it off or dismiss it as being some stupid statement old people make… The thing about this old adage though is that there is no truer statement and in 2020 there is plenty of historical events we can point to that proves the statement has a lot of validity…

For example, most people see the riots taking place around the country right now and rioters and spectators alike seem to think they are making some sort of unprecedented history acting like idiots smashing storefront windows and destroying police cars… This is something we have been seeing from the radical liberal left for decades though… Like babies that throw temper tantrums in the grocery store checkout line because their mommy will not buy them a piece of candy, liberals continue such behavior into adulthood because their parents don’t believe in disciplining their children…

The next time you see someone’s little brat stomping their feet crying in the grocery store, tag that little brat with a GPS tracker, because you are looking at the next generation of liberal idiots, and that little brat will no doubt need to be located by law enforcement one day…

In years past though liberal rioters were dealt with differently than they are dealt with today… At Kent State in Ohio students protesting the Vietnam war burned down the ROTC building and then a couple of days later surrounded the National Guard that had been sent in to clear the campus. After throwing boards with nails sticking out, steel rods, and plastic bags with human feces at the National Guard soldiers they surrounded them and began to close in on them… That ended up costing them the lives of four students after the National Guard forces unloaded some 67 rounds in about 13 seconds…

In 1969 when President Ronald Reagan was the Governor of California, the liberal training ground disguised as a university known as UC Berkeley was dealing with riots because the tree huggers and anti-war protesters were upset over plans to build a new sports complex in an area they had dubbed “The People’s Park.”

The “People’s Park” story in itself is an interesting one that has spanned many decades now but in 1969 things got pretty violent there… The video below has some video of the riots with a voice over and actual footage of Ronald Reagan discussing his plan of action and feelings about the crazy liberals trying to destroy everything. Today’s politicians could learn a lot from listening to the video below… Unlike the liberal fools in Seattle and Portland Reagan did not fool around… He sent in the State Police and National Guard with orders to handle the situation by “whatever means necessary.”

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