Former Fox News Host Resurfaces On The Other Side

Most if not all Fox News viewers have not missed seeing this former Fox News host on air and were quite happy to see him depart from his time slot…

The former host I am speaking about here is probably the most disliked Fox News host ever, Shepard Smith. For those that immediately blocked him out of their mind and those who may not have been part of the Fox News audience at the time, he held the 3 p.m. time slot. The slot was promoted as a hard news show, but anyone who ever suffered through his time slot simply because it was what came on a news junkies television set at that hour, knows damn well he spent that hour giving his warped opinions while trying to convince himself it was news.

I can’t speak for everyone, but my biggest problem was not so much that he spent the hour sharing his warped opinion of things, that’s fine even if I didn’t agree with it… What really irritated me, and I believe most others, is that the time slot was promoted as a “news” hour… If you are going to promote a slot as “news,” then deliver the damn news… Which incidentally is exactly what Bill Hemmer does in that time slot today. Hemmer is a real news reporter… He checks his opinions at the door and reports the facts, which are a welcome change after listening to Shepard Smith take potshots at the President the entire hour as if he wandered onto the Fox News set from CNN.

I don’t think it is going to shock anyone to learn that he is resurfacing on one of the liberal networks though, most will probably be surprised it’s not CNN or MSNBC… Somehow he has found his way onto the set of CNBC and managed to fool them into believing he is a news reporter.

He is scheduled to take to the airways again this fall occupying CNBC’s 7 pm time slot with a program called… Wait for it… “The News with Shepard Smith.” He will be on air Monday through Friday and I’m betting he will still be giving more commentary than news… Some people just like listening to themselves talk too much to be serious newscasters.

Most that remember him will no doubt remember that his departure from Fox News was rather abrupt and the cast at Fox News seemed genuinely surprised the day he announced it would be his last broadcast after 23 years with the network…

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Like most spineless people he swore he was just leaving because he wanted to pursue other things after 23 years with the Fox network, but no one really believed that since he was barely into a new five-year contract if I remember correctly. It didn’t take long for reports to surface that the real reason he departed was that Tucker Carlson hurt his feelings when he didn’t defend Shep’s buddy, Andrew Napolitano, who was coming under fire by President Trump after meeting with him campaigning on behalf of a friend of Shepard Smith’s, or as Trump put it, “low ratings Shepard Smith.”

Tucker Carlson and Shepard Smith exchanged some blows publically on their time slots. The incident thought to really hurt Shep’s feelings, was when Tucker Carlson had Joe diGenova on as a guest, and Tucker started mocking Shepard Smith commenting that he was a partisan hack, passing off opinion as news… Basically what I said above… Everyone recognized that Shepard Smith wasn’t hosting a news hour… He was giving opinion… He just wasn’t man enough to own it.

Judging from some of the reports I have read, CNBC seems to think they are going to gain some viewership as Shepard Smith’s long time followers tune in to watch his program… They desperately need to cling to that hope too… The CNBC 7 pm time slot had fewer viewers than his 3 pm show at Fox… Averaging something less than 250,000 viewers.

I guess that old adage of one man’s junk is another man’s treasure might have something to it… Enjoy the trash, CNBC… LOL

Will You Be Tuning In To Watch Shepard Smith On CNBC?
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