Fox Censors Truth In Favor

Fox Censors Truth In Favor Of Slobbering All Over Joe Biden

On election night this past Tuesday, Make America Great Again Again supporters tuned into the network that has been billed as “Fair and Balanced” since it’s debut over twenty-four years ago.

We the People – the throngs who packed airport parking lots all across the nation during the campaign – expected to see and experience fair and balanced coverage as the election results came in following the vote counting.

As it turned out…no such luck.

In tandem with the rest of the dinosaur lamestream media which is owned lock, stock, and barrel by the same people who own the Military-Industrial Complex, Fox News’s Decision Desk pulled all the same tricks that the other nets did, calling states for Joe Biden before hardly any votes were counted and waiting until as late as possible to call states for President Trump even if his vote totals were much higher than anticipated by the pollsters.

The idea, of course, was to give the illusion that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris pulled off the impossible and to demoralize the Trump base as much as possible even if the internet was alive with reports of widespread fraud, cheating, and strange happenings surrounding the election.

And then Fox went further on the offensive.

They censored one of their most popular personalities, Judge Jeanine Pirro, in order to join the rest of the mainstream media in a love fest like presentation congratulating the Biden/Harris ticket on their “win.”

So, this woman, Judge Jeanine, who’s show airs during one of the least viewed times during the week, Saturday night, gets the boot because she was going to talk about the truth of the evidence – hard evidence – of the widespread cheating that is going on in what is called “battleground states” where the winner has not been called and court cases are now being litigated to straighten things out as much as possible.

Why would this be happening other than the Judge undermining the credibility of the Decision Desk crew and the network doesn’t want that to be?

Too bad the viewers noticed.

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