Fox News Primetime News Anchor Fired For Sexual Misconduct

WOW! What crazy times we are living in when someone from the past… Like way past can just step forward and accuse someone of sexual misconduct that cost them their job… There is only one exception to this rule… If you are a well known, lifelong Democrat… Like a presidential candidate maybe… If you are a Republican or work for Fox News forget about it… As President Trump would say… You’re Fired!

This is exactly what has happened to the newly appointed co-host of America’s Newsroom, Ed Henry. It’s hard to believe it wasn’t all that long ago when one’s sexual misconduct was no one else’s business…Heck, who remembers when the President could molest young interns in the Oval Office and call it a way of coping with stress?

Don’t get me wrong… I have no patients for men who harrass and abuse women, but this stuff like we are seeing since this “Me Too” movement began, whereby women can decide after twenty years, like we saw in the case of Eric Bowling, another Fox News host destroyed by the Me Too movement when a former employee accused him of sending inappropriate pictures… Of course no evidence other than an accusation by a woman is required.

We are living in an era where any sort of due process is non-existant and guilty until you can prove your innocence is the standard all men of integrity are held too. If you’re a well known pervert staring in thousands of YouTube videos under the alias Creepy Uncle Joe, touching, sniffing, and kissing women from 8 to 80 you get a pass.

According to a statement released by Fox News they received a complaint on June 25th from an attorney representing an unnamed former employee accusing Ed Hentry of “willful sexual misconduct in the workplace years ago.” The statement released went on to say:

“We immediately retained an outside law firm (which has never represented Fox News in investigations or litigation) to independently investigate the claims. Ed was suspended the same day and removed from his on-air responsibilities pending investigation. Based on investigative findings, Ed has been terminated.”

I find the probability of a through investigation being conducted in four days highly suspicious. Ed Henry’s attorney has publically stated that he denies the allegations and believes he will ultimately be vindicated. Four days hardly seems like enough time to thoroughly interview the complaintant, the accused, and a sufficient number of wittnesses and possibly even footage from security cameras, etc.,…

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I totally get that a woman may be too afraid to step forward right away, especially if they still work around the accused and fear the losss of their job and all those sort of things… What I can’t understand is someone years later, for whatever their motivation is, coming forward with allegations. Some of these complaints, like those brought against Jusice Kavenaugh, dated back almost 40 years…

There is good reason why most crimes have a statute of limitations… Most people have difficulty recalling events from the previous day, much less a previous decade or two.

I have no clue what the truth is here, he may or may not have done what he is accused of… he did take a leave of absence a few years back when some stories were circulating about his getting a little action from some woman in Las Vegas behind his wife’s back… Personally, I don’t think Ed Henry is a spectacular host, nor is he a bad host… He’s a fairly decent reporter, but let’s face it… Any public figure who thinks they can get away with sleeping around on their wife is not all that bright and lacks good judgment…

Ed Henry is not the President of the United States like Slick Willy was at the time he was cheating though, so what he does in his spare time is between him and his wife as far as I’m concerned, and I am not a fan of ruining someone’s life because someone from “years ago” decides to start making allegations. If Ed Henry was one of those guys that couldn’t keep his hands to himself in the workplace there would be a lot more complaints against him… People like that don’t limit their scum bag behaviour to one woman “years ago,” they have an ongoing history… Just look at the ones that have been exposed, once one speaks, many begin to speak… I guess we will see if more come forward over the next couple of weeks.

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