French President Macron’s Effort to Modernize Historical Landmark REJECTED!

In an absolute victory for traditionalists everywhere, French President Emanuel Macron has abandoned previous plans to “modernize” one of the most iconic churches anywhere in the world. Instead, he is going to make Notre Dame great again by putting the building back together the way it was before April 15, 2019.

Following the fire on the roof of Notre Dame in Paris, a church named for Our Lady, built in the twelfth century and now designated a basilica, Macron originally called for a modernization of the building, essentially changing the character of the structure that stood despite the fire. After all, changes had been made over the years to the roof, why not change it some more was the thinking behind the effort.

Architectural suggestions from all over the world making changes that would definitely alter the character of the Gothic masterpiece of engineering, architecture, and art poured into Paris where the nation’s legislative body – the building is technically owned by the state – decreed that the roof would be rebuilt exactly the way it was before the fire.

With that declaration, Macron was essentially outmaneuvered. The French can be stubborn that way.

At this point, the structure needs some work for stabilization, and the original lead that was thought to endanger workers has been removed. The scaffolding that was in place at the time of the fire being used for a different restoration, has been removed. It’s time to make Notre Dame shine once more.

Due to the 2024 Summer Olympics Games scheduled to take place in Paris, which marks the one-hundredth anniversary since the last time the Olympics were in Paris, Macron wants the roof finished. And he’s, ahem, lighting a fire under the people doing the restoration. It is not due to begin before next year, and the old lead will be replaced with new lead, but the building will be put back to its original magnificence.

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