Fully Vaxed And Boosted Jan 6 Committee Chair Sick With COVID

Fully Vaxed And Boosted Jan 6 Committee Chair Sick With COVID

For a vaccine program that has been billed as safe, effective, and a great benefit to humanity, there sure are a lot of people coming down with the disease it was supposed to prevent.

Take the Jan 6 Committee Chair Bennie Thompson, for example. He’s fully vaxed, boosted, and now is sick with the bug itself.

“I tested positive for COVID-19 yesterday, and I am experiencing mild symptoms. Gratefully, I am fully vaccinated and boosted,” Thompson said in a statement. It remains unclear, based on his statement alone, if he is triple-vaxed or quadruple-vaxed, receiving one booster thus far or two.

“I am continuing to follow CDC guidelines and will be isolating for the next several days,” he said, assuring constituents that his office remains “fully operational” for his constituents.

Despite experiencing mild symptoms, Thompson used his statement to urge Americans to get vaccinated and follow CDC guidelines to “remain safe.”

“COVID-19 is still present, and we must do everything we can to fight this virus,” he said.

“The pandemic has impacted our lives, changed the way we work, and affected our daily activities,” he continued, deeming vaccinations literally “crucial to humanity,” despite the fact that a significant portion of the population has yet to receive the jab. Further, the vaccinations do not prevent infection, contrary to the initial narratives about the vaccine.

“The message to unvaccinated Americans is to protect yourself from infectious diseases by getting vaccinated,” the infected lawmaker said. “We must do our part”.

What’s the point of getting jabbed with a substance that changes one’s DNA if the people who have had the shots are still getting sick from the very disease the shots were supposed to prevent?

That does not seem like sound logic for those who are skeptical regarding a serum that was foisted on humanity without traditional testing.

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