German Theologians Put Themselves In Schism With Catholic Church

To be perfectly honest when it comes to Catholic theology and maintaining the Deposit of Faith, Sacred Tradition and their duty to teach the flock the Truth of Christ, theologians coming out of what is today Germany (the nation as it is organized did not actually exist until 1871. Previously, the provinces were independent states in the Holy Roman Empire) are notorious for leading the faithful down a primrose path, essentially giving a green light to what has always been considered sin and heresy.

This week, after the Holy See essentially said that traditional teaching on homosexuality and the ban on blessing same-sex “unions” is still in place since the Church cannot condone sin in that manner, theologians of Germanic background piped up.

Over 200 German-speaking Catholic theologians issued a statement Sunday rejecting the Vatican’s recent declaration prohibiting the blessing of same-sex unions.

The Vatican text “is characterized by a paternalistic gesture of superiority and discriminates against homosexual people and their lifestyle,” states the 212 theologians, who hail from universities around Germany and Austria.

The theologians accuse the Vatican text of lacking “theological depth, interpretive understanding, and argumentative rigor.” By ignoring relevant “scientific findings,” they declare, “the Magisterium undermines its own authority.”

This kind of freewheeling thinking in the Catholic Church has been a plague for centuries beginning with Adam Weishaupt, a law professor in Bavaria, who came up with the idea of communism, and further becoming a big problem in the twentieth century as that is where the watering down of liturgical life began before World War II. In addition, one theologian of Germanic descent, although Swiss, Hans Kung, was outright forbidden from teaching in Catholic institutions by more than one pope for his acceptance of apostasy.

This is more of the same, the Germans trying to push sin on the rest of the Church. At some point, a stop needs to be put on it.

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