GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy Wants Rep. Swalwell Removed From Congress

Congressman Eric Swalwell, Democrat from California, came to be a household name for most if not all conservatives when he flatulated rather loudly during an interview on national television.

That incident now is becoming a metaphor for Swalwell’s political career as information has surfaced that an old girlfriend of his is actually a Chinese spy.

Swalwell is refusing to go into the details of what happened behind closed doors when he was with the Mata Hari in his life. That is not stopping Republicans in Congress, specifically House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, also of California, from calling for his removal from that lawmaking body – and he’s calling out Democrat leadership to answer for what they knew and when they knew it regarding not just Swalwell, but members of their own staffs being Chinese spies as well.

“This is only the tip of the iceberg because remember what we’re hearing, these are Chinese spies that go down to the level of a mayor, the court and help a city councilmember become a congressman, this congressman now gets on the Intel Committee,” McCarthy told Fox News host Laura Ingraham. “They are only selected for the Intel Committee by the leaders of their party, meaning Nancy Pelosi. Nancy Pelosi is one of the Gang of Eight, along with myself.”

“Did Nancy Pelosi know this had transpired when she put him on the Committee?” McCarthy continued. “We have our Senator Dianne Feinstein, for two decades, the personal assistant to hear all the private phone calls in the car and others, a Chinese spy.”

McCarthy didn’t stop there, though. He put a verbal finger on one of the many industries the Chinese do knock off on a regular basis and pointed out that lawmakers from the areas where those industries are were targeted.

“Why did the Democrats pull out of the bipartisan China Task Force I had set up?” McCarthy continued. “Why did Speaker Pelosi pull out of that? Why have they denied certain bills that would hold China accountable that have passed Senate …? Why do [the Chinese] focus on Silicon Valley members of Congress? Why is he still on the Intel Committee and why is he still a member of Congress? Did Adam Schiff know as chairman of that Committee that [Swalwell] had this problem?”

All good questions that need to be answered.

Did Eric Swalwell know he was with a spy? Did the Democrat leadership?

If so, why are they all still “serving” in Congress?

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