Government Pulls Permits For Dirty Jobs TV Show

Government Pulls Permits For Dirty Jobs TV Show

Under normal circumstances, the United States federal government will take all the good publicity it can get. Thanks to someone at the top of the Government Services Administration getting their panties in a wad, bad publicity in the form of Mike Rowe telling the world that permits to film his show “Dirty Jobs” on federal property have been revoked.

And the reason why is rather stunning.

Rowe said that “just two days before I was scheduled to arrive, we received a phone call from a woman at the GSA who informed us that our permits were being revoked. When we asked for an explanation, she said, ‘security concerns.’ When we asked her what kind of security concerns, she said she didn’t know. She only told us that the decision had come down from ‘the very highest levels within the GSA.’”

“Over the last twenty years, Dirty Jobs has filmed in many sensitive environments under government control. We’ve received permits from the Army, Navy, Air Force, Seabees, Coast Guard, NASA, and The Army Corps of Engineers,” he noted. “We’ve gotten permission to film inside the Capitol and a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier. We even got a permit to film inside the National Security Agency! In all cases, we worked closely and in good faith with the government and scrupulously avoided any areas that were deemed sensitive or secure. Never once in twenty years has the government revoked a permit — much less at the last minute, and with no plausible explanation.”

The host added that his production team also received a phone call from someone at the highest levels of the GSA who claimed the decision had “nothing to do with security, and everything to do with politics.” The caller — apparently also a GSA higher-up — said someone in the agency “doesn’t like Mike Rowe’s personal politics” and deliberately set out to “string us along until the last possible second, for the express purpose of ‘yanking my chain.’”

Rowe maintains that his personal politics are not a matter for the public to know, so why this would be the case is a mystery.

But there it is.

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May 26, 2022 7:05 pm

Time to fire the bureaucrat who plays politics with our money.