Governor Cuomo Makes Vow

Governor Cuomo Makes Vow That Could Kill More People Than His Nursing Home Scandal

The man who sent sick, elderly COVID patients into nursing homes where they infected others and were essentially left to die, doubled down on the death count which can be attributed to him this week by releasing a plan that says the all-powerful vaccine that is supposed to stop the virus in its tracks may well be withheld from the public if it is deemed “unsafe.”

But in a lengthy vaccine administration plan that his office released on Sunday, he says he will consult a ‘task force’ of his own doctors about it and, if necessary, withhold it.

The Task Force will advise on the vaccine safety profile, legal authority to withhold vaccine, and clinical best practices if New York State must withhold or pause the distribution of the vaccine.

Once New York’s independent Clinical Advisory Task Force has advised that a COVID-19 vaccine is safe and effective, the vaccine will be distributed and administered throughout New York State, the plan reads.



Not that any vaccine rushed to market like the one that seems to be headed our way would really be proven safe without a few years of proper testing, but is Cuomo kidding? That could take forever.

Not only have the powers that be in this country really tried to suppress the American spirit and have done material damage to the economy, families, education, and far more, but now one of the governors wants to hold a promised “cure” just out of arms’ reach of the people who believe in the efficacy of vaccines just because he can?

What side are these people on? It certainly isn’t that of their constituents given the number who died unnecessarily given the SARS regimens that were working as cures early on in the progression of the disease according to multiple studies, and some components of those regimens were outlawed.

This withholding of a vaccine, required or not, is more of the same.

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