Guess Who The Anti-Cop Actress

Guess Who The Anti-Cop Actress Calls For Help?

It seems that when the shoe is on the other foot, the loudmouthed social justice warriors in Hollywood demonstrate their hypocrisy.

Take Alyssa Milano, for example. The fading star from the 1980s and 1990s has been busy during this summer of chaos tweeting out criticisms of law enforcement and hashtags like #DefundthePolice.

So what happens when her husband spots a man all in black sporting firearms walking through the yard?

The husband calls 911, of course.

It turns out that the man was hunting squirrels with an air rifle, but to people who can’t tell the difference between a Red Rider Carbine-Action something or other and an Uzi, such encounters can be scary.

They can also trigger one heck of a response from law enforcement if that’s all the description the men in blue get.

A spokesperson for the Ventura County Sherrif’s Office told Fox News on Tuesday that they received several calls from others in the area and that the initial call came from someone “not related to Alyssa Milano.”

Daily Mail, which obtained photos from the police response, reports that seven sheriff’s vehicles, a K-9 unit, the Los Angeles Fire Department, and a helicopter responded to the call.

That’s a lot of firepower to talk to somebody hunting squirrels with an air rifle.

Some of the neighbors were not amused given Milano’s twitter habits.

“She can tweet those things because at the end of the day she lives behind gates in a gated community. She knows the police will come to save her,” the resident told the Daily Mail. “But what about all those people who don’t have that luxury and live in unsafe neighborhoods? She obviously doesn’t care.”

Well, she cares about herself and her own family, if no one else. But, still, not everyone lives in a gated neighborhood, and all are entitled to police protection whether people like Alyssa Milano care about that or not.

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