Gun Purchases In Blue States

Gun Purchases In Blue States Double Proving Liberals May Not Be So Anti-Gun

We often hear about liberals being completely against gun ownership and while most of their representatives in Congress advocate for gun control, gun purchases among the liberal communities tell a different story… A rather huge different story.

Since the pandemic has hit the United States first time gun ownership has skyrocketed and ammo sales have left the shelves bare around the country… While this is not something one might find odd is states like Tennessee, Kentucky, Texas, or any other predominately Republican state the trend has also dominated even the deepest of the Blue Democrat states such as New York, New Jersey, and Hawaii… And Maryland… They have seen almost triple the background checks for firearms purchases in June and July of this year.

For example, there were 9,891 FBI background checks requested in July 2019 in Maryland, and in July of 2020, there were 26,326… In fact, the deep blue state of Maryland has already requested more FBI background checks for firearms purchases in 2020 that they did in all of 2019. Maryland requested 148,813 in 2019 and in 2020 have already requested… Pretty amazing for a liberal state known to have some of the nation’s toughest gun laws.

Even the uber-liberal island state of Hawaii has almost requested as many FBI background checks this year as in 2019… 12,666 in 2019 vs. 11,102 in 2020 and their numbers in June and July of this year were almost double what they were in 2019.

You can go through the list of deep blue liberal states and see similar numbers and I will post the FBI data below so you can do just that if you are interested in seeing the exact numbers for all of the states.

The number of background checks doesn’t always equal the exact number of firearms sold but gun stores everywhere are selling out as fast as they can restock and prices have been jacked up to the point that in some cases it’s clear the dealer is taking advantage of the current situation and price gouging.

The liberal politicians are working overtime to portray the increase as either a lie or in some cases trying to convince the public that the increase in gun sales is responsible for the increase in gun violence in these liberal states that refuse to control the mobs looting and burning their cities down… The increase in crime and shootings surely couldn’t be the result of them neutering the police and advocating for and in some cases already reducing their budgets to the point they can’t keep enough manpower on the street and even if they have the manpower they are reluctant to do any proactive policing for fear of losing their job or worse ending up criminally charged for hurting someone’s feelings…

A report by the University of California stated:

“During the coronavirus pandemic, an acute increase in firearm access is associated with an increase in firearms violence.”

Of course, that statement is a statement of total liberal BS!

It will be interesting to see if this is another one of those surreptitious indicators that the liberals are about to get a severe ass-kicking in November. The numbers would indicate that even the liberals have come to realize that the policies being advocated for by the Democrat leadership have put the safety of not only their livelihood but the lives of their families in danger and they now realize just how important the Second Amendment is…

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Gun Purchases In Blue States

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