Hacker Collective Anonymous Claims Major Victory Against Russia

Hacker Collective Anonymous Claims Major Victory Against Russia

The fog of war in the Russia-Ukraine conflict is thick right now. Who is actually telling the truth about what is happening on the ground is a good question. There is considerable evidence that much of what we are seeing as the footage was actually taken from video games, and actual video was borrowed from events in the past.

With that in mind, any help given to Ukraine must come under scrutiny, and that includes the shadowy hacker group Anonymous that had gone very quiet for a long time, and now is back in the headlines claiming that they shut down the Russian space agency.

The claim was made through a tweet that was posted by Network Battalion 65 or NB65, affiliated with Anonymous. The group went on to say that they downloaded and deleted confidential files associated with the satellite imaging and Vehicle Monitoring System of Roscosmos.

However, the Director-General of the Russian Space Agency, Dmitry Olegovich Rogozin, asserted that the claim has nothing to do with reality as all of their “space activity control centers are operating normally”. He also called the hacking group “scammers and petty swindlers”. Moreover, he maintained that any hacking of its satellites would be seen as a justification for war.

Nothing like a direct contradiction from the boss to put a claim in question.

That does not mean that there have not been cyber attacks.

A spate of cyber attacks has affected Ukraine’s digital systems since Russia’s invasion began. It soon became clear Russia’s “boots on the ground” approach would be supplemented by a parallel cyber offensive.

Last week Ukraine called on its citizens to take to their keyboards and defend the country against Russia’s cyber threat. At the same time, a campaign was underway among the hacktivist collective Anonymous, calling on its global army of cyber warriors to target Russia.

Anonymous told the people of Russia to give bad restaurant reviews.

What on earth is really going on?

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