Harvard Professor Says “Check Yourself Negro” to Black Guest!

WOW! I’ve seen some heated arguments on some of the evening talk shows, but this one went over the top!

Last week the esteemed Harvard Professor Dr. Cornel West was on the Sean Hannity Show with the well known civil rights attorney Leo Terrell and they were on the topic of Black Lives matter and defunding the police. Leo Terrell sat quietly allowing Dr. West to say his piece, but when Leo began to speak, he apparently hit a sore spot and Dr. West gets totally unhinged and at one points tells Leo, “Check yourself negro!”

I could ramble on but you really just need to watch this for yourself… I get the impression watching it that if they had been in the same room Dr. West would have got physical and they would have needed a referee and ambulance instead of a talk show host trying to moderate them. I think it’s the first time I have ever seen Sean Hannity looking like a lost pup not sure what to say or do on his own show. LOL

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