HILARIOUS Video Of Florida Trump Supporters Triggering Liberals At Pro Trump Rally

Every once in a while you run across something on YouTube that makes you laugh… And laugh… And laugh… And this is one of those things. LOL

This video was shot by a guy who has a YouTube site called Paint The Trump and his videos appear to be almost exclusively recordings of him with a group of Trump Supporters in Florida who take their flags and pro-Trump signs to the street on a regular basis with a simple message… Trump 2020!

What makes them so entertaining and downright hilarious is the natural and continuous reaction of the liberal loons that drive past their group displaying pro-Trump messages.

One thing you will notice right away is there are a LOT of birds in Florida and they are not all flamingos and snowbirds… They are the ones carried on mans middle finger. The only sign I didn’t see was one that read don’t feed the birds… Which is probably a good thing because they seem to really eat the pro-Trump message up… It seems to upset their stomach quite a bit too. LOL

The pro-Trump group is a very peaceful assembly but peaceful is not how I would describe the liberal loons that show up to counter-protest or stop in the street to display their response to seeing pro-Trump messages displayed by the group…

As with any large segment of society, you occasionally have someone who steps outside of the group’s norm and Trump supporters are no exception. At one point in the video, some heavyset man driving a pickup truck sees a counter-protester holding an American flag they had desecrated, so he stops on the side of the road, jumps out of his truck, and runs toward her like he saw an abandoned BBQ sandwich, grabs her flag and runs back toward his truck with the loony liberal close behind shrieking like a stuck pig… The two of them so whack it would not surprise me if they found common ground… Roommates in the local mental institution perhaps. LOL

The guy filming all the craziness leading the group of pro-Trump supporters is quick to point out that neither of the loons is associated with his group and several agree that they have never seen them before. LOL

Check it out below… Make sure you watch it all the way to the end… Which is hard not to do but I don’t want you to miss Joe Biden’s younger self trying to speak… It’s priceless. LOL

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