Hillary Clinton Makes Outrageous Statement About President Trump

Hillary Clinton Makes Outrageous Statement About President Trump

Far from being total adversaries on the world stage, President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin have had words of mutual respect for each other over the years. Even in the midst of Russian aggression toward Ukraine, President Trump has good things to say about Putin.

“This is genius,” he said of Putin’s decision on Monday to officially recognize the breakaway provinces and authorize the use of Russian military personnel to assist them. “So Putin is now saying it’s independent — a large section of Ukraine. I said, how smart is that? And he’s gonna go in and be a peacekeeper. We could use that on our southern border. That’s the strongest peace force I’ve ever seen. There were more army tanks than I’ve ever seen. They’re gonna keep the peace, all right.”

This statement, of course, runs contrary to the mainstream media narrative currently being pushed around the world that Putin invading Ukraine, even if the first moves were surgical strikes taking out bioweapons labs and military installments, is intolerable aggression.

Hillary Clinton weighed in with one of the most bizarre statements from a swamp dweller yet.

“I want to make sure within our own country that we are calling out those people who are giving aid and comfort to Vladimir Putin about what a genius he is what a smart move it is, who are, unfortunately, being broadcast by Russian media, not only inside Russia but in Europe to demonstrate the division within our own country,” the 2016 Democratic nominee said on MSNBC’s Morning Joe on Friday.

“Maybe this terrible aggression by Putin will stiffen the spines of a lot of Republicans in office who understand you cannot continue to give Trump and his enablers a blank check because they will lead us to a very bad place,” she continued.

Clinton then suggested that “too many Republicans’ are naive in such a dangerous way.”

“They somehow believe that because Putin presents himself as a strong leader on behalf of certain values that are you know, anti gay, that are anti, you know, freedom and democracy that so messy, that somehow you know, that quote corresponds with the views of certain members and elements of the Republican Party.”

“They could not be more mistaken,’ she continued. ‘I mean, he poisons people in prisons.”

Republicans have not actually backed President Trump in his statement at all, so where this is coming from is anyone’s guess. And of course, the quote is being taken totally out of context pulling what sounds good to liberals in headlines knowing their fellow idiots will never listen to the full comment made by President Trump.

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February 26, 2022 4:29 am

Fact is that the detested and rejected dowdy housewife of a known child raypist-human trafficker and who’s also a failed presidential candidate on top of it all is a sneaky terrorist who has/is given fellow terrorists aid, comfort, and tons of money in a laughable effort to benefit herself. Let’s not forget also her theft of billions of dollars slated for the people of Haiti who were struck by devastating earthquakes and of whom the Clinton woman spit in their faces when they protested her theft.

Ben Colder
Ben Colder
February 26, 2022 10:37 am

I am soooo tired of Ma Clinton .When will this old bitch ever go away.Who does she think she is she took money from the Russians she sold them our uranium stuck the money in the Clinton crime family account she and Putin are partners in crime.She had better shut her big fat mouth she is digging her own hole deeper and deeper .How I would love to see this old crook hanged

March 5, 2022 3:36 am

The withered and rejected wife/failed pres candidate and black-face minority-hater married to another black-face minority-hating human trafficker and child raypist has a very long history and reputation for accusing others of engaging in actions which she’s guilty of, a known characteristic of a malignant narcissist who hides behind lies and deceit (think Joe Biden, Harris, et al). That she has ties to the world’s known and vicious terrorists plus steals uber-dollars slated for the poorest nations on earth is a glaring fact about the Clinton snake. Less than zero about anything issued from her corrupt lying tongue should be believed… Read more »