Hollywood Elites Behind Seattle Insurgency {{VIDEO}}

It’s official, the liberals have finally completely lost their minds! The WOKE American liberals that idolize Lenin, Marx, Mao, and Che are upset about the crimes of Columbus and Washington.

The “cancel culture” movement that began as a few radicals throwing temper tantrums on Twitter has been allowed to rapidly grow and spread around the country and is getting dangerously close to a boiling point… A boiling point not unlike those through history that have ignited real wars… Revolutions, Civil, and insurgency.

Boston may have been where the first shots were fired in the first American Revolution, but the next may begin in Seattle, Washington where the Mayor has allowed the mob to take control of City Hall and some seven city blocks surrounding the Eastern Police District. On Tuesday the police and National Guard were ordered out of the area by the Mayor and the insurgents [yes, I am calling them insurgents, these are not protesters] immediately began placing barriers around the perimeter they now control and armed insurgents are now patrolling that perimeter. If anyone thinks anything good can come of this, they are sadly mistaken… Unless of course you find the senseless death of Americans on American spoil a good thing.

And make no mistake about it, these groups that began as nothing but a lot of angry citizens who watched a police officer senselessly kill an African-American, are becoming an organized and well funded insurgency. The Hollywood Elite have gathered millions in donations to bail protesters out of jail and a group of wealthy, privileged white people, i.e., the Hollywood Elite, partnered with the NAACP have created a group called “I Take Responsibility” that the video below is a product of and it is spreading rapidly.

The organization’s website, ItakeResponsibility.org, should alarm everyone that believes in the American experiment. When you first bring up their web page you are presented with a screen that requires you to select an option from two list… The first requires you to select from a list of 13 choices of things that you take responsibility for… Things such as turning a blind eye to racism, denying white privilege exist, and not educating your kids on systemic racism. After choosing one option that you consider your most egregious sin, you must select one of four options that describe what you are going to do to atone for that sin. You cannot access the website without making these selections.

Once you have acknowledged your greatest sin, the first thing you are presented with is a means in which to donate to the cause along with pages of what during normal times would be considered the writings of a madman…

President Trump has told the Washington State Governor and Mayor of Seattle to get control of the city or the federal government will. As you can imagine this has started a Twitter exchange that is not very friendly.

I would encourage you to watch as much of this video as you can or need to burn the context into your mind and when the voting polls open in November, get to them fast and vote out the liberal Democrats that would and are allowing this sort of anarchy to take place in out country!

Let us know what you think in the comments!

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David Rauschenbach
David Rauschenbach
June 14, 2020 1:42 pm

Real liberals don’t support or idolize any of the people you mentioned. The left is not liberal