Hunter's Laptop Reveals Shady Deals Beyond Family

Hunter’s Laptop Reveals Shady Deals Beyond Family

Now that the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop are leaking out, information that looks salacious on the surface is not nearly as damning as top-secret military information being there.

It seems that under the George W. Bush Administration, the Cheney team set up a non-profit “charity” similar to the one that was set up for the White House that deals with the upkeep of the property of the Naval Observatory where the vice president lives while in office. In the early years of the Obama occupation, the then vice president’s team did not do a darn thing to raise any cash for the coffers. It was, apparently, not seen in the best light to ask for donations for such a cause.

That being the case, the Biden team in 2012 was behind the eight ball when it came to maintaining the active status of the non-profit. Twenty-thousand dollars needed to be raised to keep the non-profit in operation. The head of the non-profit at the time, Ron Klain, who is now Biden’s chief of staff, quietly made the asks to raise the sum simply to keep the non-profit in operation. He approached close friends and asked for two thousand a piece in order to satisfy the conditions of the law and code determining non-profit status. No more than a third of revenue for a given year can come from a single donor for a 501(c)3.

One of the people Klain approached for a gift was Hunter Biden.

Hunter Biden, according to Fox News, forwarded Klain’s email to Eric Schwerin, a longtime business partner who was managing his finances.

Schwerin responded by saying they could “discuss this and some other bills on Monday,” and asked Hunter whether he thought “they would take a corporate check from Owasco,” an apparent reference to Hunter Biden’s law firm, Owasco PC.

Three days later, on Monday, Sept. 24, Hunter Biden emailed Klain: “Working on it- my partner Eric will be in touch.”

This story is being sold as scandalous that the White House Chief of Staff asked Hunter Biden for cash. The real scandal is that Klain failed to raise any money for the Residence Foundation when he was the head of it. Why that is not being emphasized is a mystery.

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