Iconic American Company Alters Dictionary To Please Black Lives Matter. These Words Are GONE!

You know the pressure to change the culture is intense when the North American Scrabble Players Association sides with Black Lives Matter.

It has happened. The people who sit around all day and come up with every three-letter word in the English language has decided to remove two hundred and thirty-six words considered to be ethnic and racial slurs from their official list of words used in Scrabble.

That’s right. No longer can those words be used to rack up points according to the masters of the game. Nope.

How they would know what words people are putting on the boards when the tiles are wood and the board itself is cardboard is anyone’s guess. I mean, they might be working on an app for reporting inappropriate use of racial slurs. You never know.

So, what prompted this move to be part of the “cool” crowd of businesses busy ticking off their competitors by playing along with organizations which are openly Marxist? The CEO explains, “Removing slurs is the very least that we can do to make our association more inclusive,” NASPA CEO John Chew said in a statement. “How can we in this day tell prospective members that they can only play with us if they accept that offensive slurs have no meaning when played on a board?”

This writer is wondering just how often those insulted by the slurs play the game itself. Serious Scrabble players and the ones who are into tournament play tend to visit the beauty shop every other week and cut out coupons.

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And what do these players think of this decision? Well, several have threatened to quit. Others are cheerleading the effort. And Hasbro, the company that owns the rights to Scrabble is all for it.

When will these attacks on American Culture end?

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