Idaho Governor Causes Liberal Minds To Explode

Idaho Governor Causes Liberal Minds To Explode

In the ongoing fight against the ghoulish practice of killing children in the womb, changing hearts and minds is the ultimate goal. The value of life from womb to tomb has taken a hit in western culture. But, that sentiment got a boost this week in a pro-life victory in Idaho.

The governor of that state, Brad Little, signed into law a fetal heartbeat bill that outlaws killing children in the womb once a heartbeat is detected. In general, that happens approximately twenty-two days after conception.

Champions of life in the state were thrilled.

The bill was sponsored by Republican state Sen. Patti Anne Lodge.

“We have a multitude of services available for women in crisis pregnancies. Choosing life is supported with compassionate help throughout the pregnancy and extends to 18 months after birth. Life goals can still be achieved for both the mother and child,” she said in a statement.

“With the availability of compassionate and supportive services and the rights pregnant women have in today’s world, a woman can give birth and continue her life goals. Encouraging life also provides two million families that want to adopt the opportunity to love and raise a child, if the mother chooses adoption,” Lodge said.

Naturally, those who profit from in-utero infanticide are not happy about this and will be challenging the new law at the earliest opportunity.

“Let’s be clear: Nothing changes today or in the future. Abortion is still legal in Idaho, even after six weeks. This is a trigger law that would ONLY begin IF a similar ban is upheld in a separate court. And, of course, we’ll sue to stop it then,” Planned Parenthood Alliance Advocates-West said Tuesday.

Let them sue. The reality is that the culture does value life over convenience regardless of the efforts of the ghouls to convince us all otherwise.

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