Ilhan Omar Claims Progressives Are Ready For Joe Biden

As usual, the people who profess progressivism in Congress are ready to put their plans in place. This year, the main cheerleader for the cause is Minnesota’s Ilhan Omar, member of The Squad, and in general one of the more anti-American members of Congress.

Omar is now on record as saying that the progressives have an agenda all picked out for Joe Biden when he is elected president.

“We will have a cohort of progressives that are very clear about their objectives for wanting the implementation of Medicare for All and a Green New Deal and raising the minimum wage and not allowing for fracking,” Omar said Monday in an interview with Axios.

She added that “there has been a level of responsiveness … to the policies that [progressives] are advocating for that [progressives] know will have not just a future in [Biden’s] administration, but a future in the upcoming administrations after his.” Responsiveness “is a signal” for progressives “to push and to mobilize our base trying to accomplish these policy objectives,” she said.

“As progressives, we have a clear understanding of what the inside and outside game is,” the congresswoman continued.

Progressives may have a thorough understanding of what the game is, but they sure as heck don’t seem to have any idea that the American people do not want what they are selling.

Honestly, have they seen the size of the crowd’s President Trump draws all over the country? Do they understand that enthusiasm for Americanism and being independent of globalism is really what the people want and that their push toward destroying the nation has been noticed and is actively being resisted by the people?

It seems that regardless of what the people on the fruited plain want and think about these issues, progressives and their “base” are determined to shove their agenda down the nation’s collective throat.

In the end, though, if trends continue, the progressives may be the ones to choke on their own plans.

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