Independent Journalism Threatens January 6 Insurrection Narrative

On January 6 in Washington, D.C., while Congress was meeting to certify the 2020 presidential election, outside the Capitol Building a tempest was brewing. According to the narrative that emerged as the day went on, Make America Great Again fans stormed the Capitol Building and did an “insurrection” in the halls of Congress.

According to the pundits, talking heads, and the Democrats, this was all President Donald Trump’s fault as he incited the whole thing from the podium at his rally on the Mall.

In all the months following that day, no one has been able to pinpoint exactly what President Trump said to do anything of the sort. In fact, later in the day, he put out a statement asking the patriots to go in peace.

But that hasn’t stopped the unhinged Democrats and the mainstream media from setting up a bread and circuses special committee to “investigate” the whole matter, a thinly veiled attempt to get their hands on records from the Trump Administration. (Why is a good question.)

Completely ignored by all public parties involved are the efforts of an alternative media outlet known for in-depth exposes. Revolver News has been digging after leads that the mainstream media has not, and in the second part of a two-part investigation on the January 6 fiasco, the author begins to paint a picture of what REALLY happened that day that bears no resemblance to the narrative fed to the public.

According to Revolver News, a key figure in the entire event was a man by the name of Ray Epps, who was on the original most wanted list from the FBI in relation to the mess. Mid-year, his name disappeared from anything the FBI published.

In the expose, Meet Ray Epps, Part 2: Damning New Details Emerge Exposing Massive Web Of Unindicted Operators At The Heart Of January 6 produces one damning piece of evidence after another that all but proves that government agents were most likely involved, if not behind, the plot to pin the “insurrection” on MAGA. Any patriot with a brain knows that MAGA crowds are not violent. In fact, since January 6 in the United States, protests and rallies of any sort for patriots have been minimal given that they always seem to end up being infiltrated by the other side, and then turn violent.

And this man Ray Epps was right in the middle of turning what MAGA patriots thought would be a peaceful gathering of Trump supporters into something that no decent American would ever espouse. Thankfully, Revolver News is bringing the story to the public.

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