India Struggles To Prevent Deadly Nipah Virus From Spreading

India Struggles To Prevent Deadly Nipah Virus From Spreading

Move over COVID, India has a new virus in town.

Now that COVID is largely being controlled in the country of India with non-vaccine therapeutics, namely the vilified Ivermectin which is actually one of the active ingredients in Heartguard which is used to prevent heartworm in dogs, another older and more deadly virus has been found among the people.

A 12-year-old boy has died in India of Nipah, a rare virus that is far deadlier than COVID-19 — and one that health officials have long feared could start a global pandemic.

The unidentified boy died Sunday at a hospital in Kerala, the southern state already battling the highest number of COVID-19 cases in the hard-hit country, officials there said.

He had already visited two other hospitals before his death, putting him in contact with potentially hundreds of people — with up to 11 showing potential symptoms, NDTV reported.

This journey prompted intensive contact tracing as the Nipah virus is 40-75 percent more deadly than COVID, and there is no vaccine or therapeutic other than alleviating symptoms and keeping patients comfortable.

What is Nipah?

Nipah virus was first discovered in Malaysia and Singapore in 1999 — an outbreak of nearly 300 human cases, with more than 100 deaths, the CDC noted. More than 1 million pigs were killed to help control the outbreak, causing a “substantial economic impact.”

Complicating its detection, key symptoms are similar to those of COVID-19, including fever, cough, sore throat, and difficulty breathing, the CDC noted.

India Struggles To Prevent Deadly Nipah Virus From Spreading

The infected often also suffer encephalitis or swelling of the brain — and if they survive, often suffer persistent convulsions and even personality changes. The contagion can remain dormant in sufferers — who may get sick and possibly die from it “months and even years after exposure,” the CDC warned.

Some victims of COVID have what is known as long-hauler syndrome where the damage done by the virus takes quite a while to be repaired. Victims of Nipah will have it far worse if the virus is not contained.

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