Indiana Sheriff Shocks Democrats With Statement To Community

For some time now, on the ground, many conservatives have seen the more sane of the Democrats walking away from the party. All have their own reasons, but until this year those reasons were not allowing lawlessness on the streets of the nation.

As of this week, that has changed.

An elected sheriff in Indiana is walking away due to the allowance of the violence in the streets of America.

“I’m shocked at watching things in Portland and Seattle, where night after night they’re out rioting. They’re not protesting, they’re rioting,” Vanderburgh County Sheriff Dave Wedding told WEVV Evansville. “They’re putting police officers’ lives in danger.”…

“I can’t imagine 101 days of rioting, and it’s condoned by the Democratic leadership. It’s unbelievable that they can do that to our law enforcement profession,” Wedding said. “As a sheriff, I could not imagine putting my deputies on the front lines of these riots night after night with no relief in sight.”

As it happens, it took federal deputization of a number of police forces as well as the use of tactical units within the cabinet to really quell the riots. Many of those arrested are facing federal charges, not state and local as a result.

In the end, though, a good man who is a professional in the law enforcement realm lost confidence in party leadership and announced last week he will no longer identify as a Democrat.

“The Democratic prosecutors, they have these catch-and-release programs, and police are out there battling these rioters each and every night. They arrest them only to find them released right away by the prosecutor,” he said…

“I’ve seen it in action, because [Trump’s] offered these cities that are under siege federal aid, and they’re not smart enough to take that aid to try to end the siege on their cities,” Wedding said.

Which is why President Trump took action in the way he did. Hopefully, law and order will become the order of the day.

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