Irate Caller Abuses Rep From Iowa

Irate Caller Abuses Rep From Iowa Over The Pledge Of Allegiance

Patriotic Americans take abuse on a regular basis for the various stances we take on America being a great country, and our pride in that, not to mention support for institutions attacked by liberals and Democrats, but a voice mail left for Iowa State Representative Carter Nordman takes the cake.

At issue is requiring school-aged children to recite the Pledge of Allegiance every day.

The caller began her message by noting that Nordman is “the Iowa state representative who included language that requires all Iowa schools to lead the pledge of Allegiance once a day in grades one through twelve.”

“When did we start teaching White nationalism in schools? Because that’s exactly what the f**k you’re doing, sir, and you have absolutely no right to require something like that,” the caller added. “Our children aren’t proud to be American. Maybe the White suburban kids in Adele are proud to be American because their rights are afforded to them every day and they don’t have to fight for them. But for the rest of us, who are women, the poor, the elderly, the minorities, we’re not f***king proud. What are we proud of? We’re proud of our racist history? We’re proud of our racist roots?”

“Is that what we’re proud of?” she continued. “We’re proud of the fact that not all citizens of the United States are afforded the same rights and the same privileges as the blond-haired blue-eyed ones? That’s a bunch of colonizer bulls**t, Carter. And the fact that you’re f**king perpetuating that is disgusting.”

“Keep that s**t in the suburbs. You want to teach your kids to be a White nationalist, you can f**king do it. But you and [Iowa Gov.] Kim Reynolds are f**king disgusting, and you have absolutely no right to require that public schools teach children to be U.S. nationalists. F**k you and f**k this legislation,” the caller shouted.

The caller went on to pledge that she would “make sure” that Nordman loses his re-election campaign next year. She condemned him for supporting “the shame bullst that the Trump administration stood for,” and she claimed that he and Reynolds “still have your head so far up his a that you can’t f**king tell where one of you ends and the other begins.”

“Absolutely disgusting, despicable, and deplorable the s**t that you f**king peddle,” she added. “There’s so much more important s**t that we could be worried about right now and you’re focusing on the f**king Pledge of Allegiance? Get the f**k out of here, pull your head out of your a** Carter, Jesus f**ing Christ.”

The caller made her point quite delicately for a lady.

And school really should be about making U.S. nationals. Not that anyone so unhinged would recognize that.

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James Green
James Green
August 24, 2021 2:11 am

It’s because of sick people like this caller that America has the problems we have! Sad that some have been so brainwashed by the Leftist media that they really believe this BS! America is one of the least racist nations on the planet. And we have it so good that literally hundreds of millions of folks would move here in a heartbeat if they had the chance! If she can’t support the Pledge of Allegiance, then she should move somewhere else!