Is America heading toward another civil war?

I actually wrote this back in 2015 during the rioting in Baltimore that was sparked by the Freddie Gray incident and thought it prophetic enough that it would be good to republish it. I know the Democrats would like everyone to believe these issues of race and police brutality all began when President Trump took office but the truth is they are an age old story being dealt with in America for decades.

For the longest time I did not even want to think about the idea of civil war in this country much less talk about, but given what has been taking place in our country the years now, I think it is time we open our eyes and discuss this because if we do not recognize this as a nation and pull ourselves back to a point where we can have civilized, practical debate that leads to effective governing, we are certain to see all of this insane rhetoric escalate in the not too distant future and I am sure no one will be pleased with the outcome.

Every aspect of our Nation’s Constitution, a brilliantly prepared document by brilliant men, is being bastardized to such an extent it is becoming unrecognizable.

We began to see the worst offenses of this from the liberal left who seemed willing to take things to the extreme once they recognized that their President, Barack Obama, was more than willing to lead the way, not just pushing his Constitutional authority to the limit, but often arrogantly going well beyond his authority.

Since Obama has left office we have seen a total breakdown of civilized decorum within our government and policy debate among them has turned into nothing but name calling and berating each other.

Outside of Washington, D.C., there has been a slew of Governors and Mayors pounding their chest in defiance of anything and everything President Trump’s administration does and sanctuary cities and even states have been declared by these Governors and Mayors.

Some jurisdictions have even made it a crime for anyone to cooperate with the federal government’s immigration enforcement efforts and have promised free legal counsel to any illegal immigrant under threat of deportation by the federal government. Combine that with this recent was of geniuses wanting to defund the police and we have moved even closer to a total collapse of our country.

The Attorney General in California, Xavier Becerra, has gone so far as to threaten any business owner or government employee that assist the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement with prosecution and the twelve members of the Minneapolis Town Council have unanimously voted to abolish the cities police department.

When entire states start to defy the federal government and proudly announce that they will not follow federal law, we have already taken the first step into the realm of the potential for a civil war.

One has to wonder at what point the American people will get sick of seeing people who illegally crossed our borders get away with crimes the average American would get locked up for committing, or how long will they tolerate mob rule and people looting and destroying every business in town, or as we have seen in one suburban neighborhood in Minneapolis a total take over by drug dealers, prostitutes and the homeless… How long do you think it will be before people start taking up arms to defend themselves? They already have!

A few years back I wrote “Just today the Senate Majority Leader, Nancy Pelosi, spent more than eight hours on the House floor rambling on about protecting illegal aliens and is unwilling to agree to any budget that does not have funds allocated to care for them.” Well, just this past week she was on the house floor rambling on about allocations pandemic relief funds for illegals along with free healthcare… I can’t recall the last time I heard her stand up and argue for the American citizen.

I wonder how many times she spent eight hours on the House floor defending veterans, or the homeless that line the streets sleeping in boxes in her state? Has anyone ever offered them free legal services?

We have a government that has run OUR nation TWENTY TRILLION PLUS DOLLARS in debt and regardless of which party is in charge, no one seems willing to make the difficult decisions of reducing spending and the debt just continues to rise.

Former President Obama did an excellent job dividing the nation along racial lines with a good deal of help from Eric Holder, but I believe if/when this country finds itself in another Civil War, the battle lines will be drawn along party lines… Racial issues will just be used as a pretext to divide us.

In a Constitutional Republic like ours, when the rule of law breaks down and the lawmakers can no longer civilly debate the issues, you have the perfect formula for civil war to erupt.

As our founders pointed out in the Declaration of Independence though, “all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.”

So just how bad do things have to get before reasonable men have had enough and decide to take real action to abolish a government that has become destructive? And who will decide what group of reasonable men are just in trying to destroy our government… Will the battle lines be as clear in the next Civil War, or will we just fall apart into total anarchy?

It’s pretty obvious having all of our freedom taken from us and regulated by the government is not enough to bother people anymore. What we have seen during this pandemic is proof positive that I was right about this… As much as I love America, I find it difficult lately to boast that we are a free country inhabited by free people who are endowed by our creator with certain unalienable rights like Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

If you are thinking that I am out of my mind, ask yourself this one question… What are we able to do in America without the government’s permission? Can you build a house without the government’s permission? Can you walk off into the woods and hunt to feed your family without purchasing a permit from the government? Can you fish? Drive? Get married? Get divorced? Please, what do we have left that is indicative of a free people? And what about the racial and sexual equality issues… Do we all really have, or feel as though we possess those unalienable rights?

So if we have sat idly by while all of our freedom has been taken from us and we allow the government to control our every move, just what is it that could cause the people to rise up and say ENOUGH!

Well, I can take a pretty good guess at this one and I’m interested to know who agrees with me… It is the one thing that makes me ask the question, Civil War or Civil Disarray and it is related to the $20+ Trillion debt we have right now. At the moment we are in the middle of dealing what many believe are racial inequality issues related to law enforcement. I actually believe we will work through those issues, and least to some extent but when the rioting stops this time, after taking a major blow to our economy from the pandemic, my initial belief that our nation’s debt will be the proverbial straw that breaks the camel’s back will still be the number one issue that could destroy our country.

Many Democrat states were already worried about how they were going to survive the financial loss from the pandemic closures and it is those same Democrat states that have been encouraging the “mostly peaceful” people rioting in their streets looting every business in town and burning the cities infrastructure to the ground… If they thought they had financial problems from the pandemic closures… They really got problems now.

Every American that understands basic math knows that there is no way in hell the country can continue to increase the debt year after year with no end in sight. Think about it, eventually, creditors are going to look at the numbers, take note that our legislators have no budget or plan in sight to ever repay the debt and before long the government will not be collecting enough tax money to pay the interest and BOOM!

When this happened in Greece not long ago, the people woke up one morning and discovered the banks closed and they had no access to any of their money. The government had seized it all and was holding it until they could figure out how to solve their financial problems. In the end, they skimmed a percentage of all the money people had in the banks and with help got reorganized and functioning again.

The closest thing to that we have experienced was the Savings and Loan Crisis that some of you may remember. Quite a few people found themselves unable to get to the money they thought was secure in the bank.

Now imagine all of the banks in the United States being closed and no one is able to access their money for weeks on end… My bet is this will be the proverbial straw that breaks the camel’s back and all hell will break loose on the streets of America.

After a few days of the banks being closed, no one is going to listen to or care about any excuses from the government. It will become a survival of the fittest scenario and the American people will most likely want to run everyone out of Washington, D.C.

I have no idea if I am right about any of this happening and I pray that we never see such a thing in this country, but right now at this point in history, it’s the direction we seem to be heading…

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