Is It Really Melania

Is It Really Melania, Or Is It Someone Else Ask The Liberal Conspiracy Loons

One of the more interesting parts of the American political scene is the endless speculation about body doubles that permeates the commentary of the opposition. It doesn’t matter which side is in the spotlight, the other will see things that indicate the movie “Dave” with Kevin Kline from decades ago was actually based on reality.

We saw it first hand on the conservative side when “Hillary Clinton” appeared in front of her daughter Chelsea’s building in New York City hours after having been thrown into her own personal Scooby van like a side of beef, not only looking refreshed but about thirty pounds lighter.

Is It Really Melania

And now, the same is happening with First Lady Melania Trump as she has reappeared after some time recovering from COVID-19, or whatever they are calling it this week.

“Good luck finding any photos of Melania smiling like that,” The Ghost of George Conway said in a tweet.

“Swipe these two photos back & forth. Notice the two front teeth. Melania’s are more squared…THAT AIN’T HER in the other photo. #FakeMelania,” read a post by BlueinaRedState that featured side-by-side smiley close-ups.

User Daniel Noriega opined: “Not even anywhere close to being convincing Melania doubles,” adding an emoji with a long nose.

And film director Zack Bornstein wrote: “The only thing I’ll miss from this administration is them swapping in new Melania’s and just pretending we won’t notice like a 4-year-old with a guppy.”

Is It Really Melania

The left never has been able to handle the reality that President Donald Trump’s First Lady is one stunningly, elegant and beautiful woman. And they honestly think there are two of her in the world, with one just messing with their minds.

Truthfully, people like the commenters quoted above frequently are more concerned with hurting President Trump’s standing than are really interested in whether or not the First Lady may or may not have a body double.

Is It Really Melania

In the end, it doesn’t matter. The president gets to sleep beside her and those guys don’t. When it comes down to it, that’s what it’s all about.

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Is It Really Melania

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