Jan 6 Committee Denied Access To GOP Records

Jan 6 Committee Denied Access To GOP Records

In all seriousness, what the Special Congressional Committee “investigating” the goings-on at the Capitol Building on January 6, 2021, is doing is fairly transparent.

They want to get their hands on Republican National Committee records and they are using the power of the subpoena to do it.

One set of records the committee is seeking is the fundraising records from the weeks preceding the incident. The GOP got an injunction against the subpoena and a day before that order was to expire, another was put in its place.

A three-judge panel for the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals granted the RNC a temporary administrative injunction prohibiting third-party vendor Salesforce from turning over the party’s fundraising records to the select committee. The injunction will remain in effect until the judges decide the RNC’s emergency motion for a more lasting injunction, the panel said in a brief order.

“The purpose of this administrative injunction is to give the court sufficient opportunity to consider the emergency motion for an injunction pending appeal and should not be construed in any way as a ruling on the merits of that motion,” the panel said…

“Without an injunction, the RNC will have no opportunity to obtain relief on appeal, as Salesforce has indicated it will respond to the Subpoena and the Congressional Defendants claim the Court is without authority to award relief once Salesforce produces,” the RNC’s lawyers wrote in a court filing earlier this month.

This, of course, has the select committee stymied and frustrated.

“An injunction pending appeal would deprive the Select Committee of key information relevant to its investigation, its public hearings, and its consideration of legislation,” the select committee said in its own filing. “Further delay in obtaining the materials sought by the subpoena could obscure key facts and affect Congress’ efforts to prevent January 6th from recurring in our rapidly approaching next election cycle, or in the future.”

Why fundraising records would be desirable to the committee needs further explanation. Until then, the committee is using subpoenas as a way to grab records to which they have no right.

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