January 6 Committee Reaches Agreement With Former Trump Official

January 6 Committee Reaches Agreement With Former Trump Official

The Democrat-controlled January 6 congressional committee is not going to stop pursuing people who worked for President Donald Trump until they have a scalp. It does not seem to matter who’s scalp it is, either. People who had no actual connection to the illegal actions taken on that day are being subpoenaed to appear before the committee, even those who traditionally would have Executive Privilege status.

The first person to be summoned, and the first person who refused to appear before the Democrats, was Steven K. Bannon, the host of the very popular War Room programming available online. The programs are essentially broadcasts of Bannon commentary, some panel discussions, and interviews. Bannon was arrested for contempt of Congress after his no-show incident.

Now, these Democrats have negotiated with former Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows to appear before them. Normally, a person in that position would be able to invoke executive privilege and avoid the encounter, but the Democrats are not about to let this fish go even if he doesn’t know anything about the invasion of the Capitol Building or any other pertinent information.

The committee and Meadows’ attorney George Terwilliger said on Tuesday that both sides had reached the agreement that included the appearance and turning over records. However, the committee warned it is still weighing taking additional steps against Meadows depending on how cooperative he is with his testimony…

Meadows’ attorney has repeatedly noted his client’s objections to cooperating previously based on claims of executive privilege, which has been waived by the sitting president Joe Biden and is at issue in the courts regarding Trump. On Tuesday, Terwilliger said they continue to look for a solution that doesn’t breach that concern.

“As we have from the beginning, we continue to work with the Select Committee and its staff to see if we can reach an accommodation that does not require Mr. Meadows to waive Executive Privilege or to forfeit the long-standing position that senior White House aides cannot be compelled to testify before Congress,” Terwilliger said. “We appreciate the Select Committee’s openness to receiving voluntary responses on non-privileged topics.”

Lawmakers have warned Meadows repeatedly that they could issue a criminal contempt referral if he does not ultimately cooperate. He failed to show up for a November deposition date, triggering one of those recent warnings.

Essentially, the Select Committee of mostly Democrats is looking for any morsel of information that can be spun into a “TRUMP IS GUILTY OF INSURRECTION” narrative whether it is true or not. The Democrats have been trying to convict Trump of just about any crime – real or imagined – that they can come up with for almost five years. They’re not about to let up now and are going after the scalps of the hired help in the process.

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Kevin Todds
Kevin Todds
December 1, 2021 3:44 am

The same type of lefty lib-lobes who abuse, mistreat, and monstrously experiment on people such as seen by the Fauci Mengele mass murderer of unsuspecting orphaned children.