January 6th House Committee Asks Tech Giants For Data

January 6th House Committee Asks Tech Giants For Data

The Democrats in the House of Representatives are like a dog with a bone over the January 6 invasion of the Capitol Building. Not only have they requested records from law enforcement agencies when the FBI said there is little evidence that there was any coordination before the event, but now they are seeking data from the tech companies to try to figure out one their own if there was any previous planning by the Trump team or any of President Trump’s followers.

The requests were issued to technology giants, including Google, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok, and also to Reddit, Parler, Telegram, 4chan, 8kun, and other platforms.

The committee asked 15 companies to provide copies of any reviews, studies, reports, or analyses about misinformation related to the 2020 election, foreign influence in the election, efforts to stop the election certification, and “domestic violent extremists” associated with efforts to overturn the 2020 election, including the attack on the Capitol.

The requested documents are being sought in what is expected to be a lengthy, partisan and rancorous investigation into how the mob was able to infiltrate the Capitol and disrupt the certification of Democrat Joe Biden’s presidential victory, inflicting the most serious assault on Congress in two centuries.

Misinformation is in the eye of the beholder these days, and the Democrats holding onto the House of Representatives behold that the election went down exactly the way it was reported by mainstream media regardless of all the documented trickery and already discovered abnormalities in several states.

Committee members are also considering asking telecommunications companies to preserve phone records of several people, including members of Congress, to try to determine who knew what about the unfolding riot and when they knew it.

Call it a witch hunt or a fishing expedition, either one or both, the truth is that the Make America Great Again movement was never violent. Why would they have started January 6, and in the Capitol Building?

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